†family Cardipeltidae Bryant 1933 (jawless fish)

Pteraspidomorpha - Cardipeltidae

Full reference: W. L. Bryant. 1933. The Fish Fauna of Beartooth Butte, Wyoming. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 72(5):285-314

Parent taxon: Heterostraci according to R. H. Denison 1966

See also Bryant 1933 and Van Der Laan 2019

Sister taxa: Amphiaspidiformes, Anatolepis, Aporemaspis, Ariaspididae, Cardipeltiformes, Ceraspidae, Corvaspidiformes, Cyathaspidida, Cyathaspidiformes, Drepanaspidae, Lepidaspidiformes, Olbiaspidida, Palaeaspidi, Protaspidae, Psammolepis, Psammosteiformes, Pteraspidi, Strosipherus, Tesseraspidiformes, Thelodontidae, Tolypelepidiformes, Traquairaspidida, Traquairaspidiformes

Subtaxa: Cardipeltis

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• Devonian of United States (3: Wyoming collections)

Total: 3 collections including 5 occurrences

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