H. Astibia et al. 1990

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H. Astibia, E. Buffetaut, A. D. Buscalioni, H. Cappetta, C. Corral, R. Estes, F. Garcia-Garmilla, J. J. Jaeger, E. Jiminez-Fuentes, J. Le Loeuff, J. M. Mazin, X. Orue-Etexebarria, J. Pereda-Suberbiola, J. E. Powell, J. C. Rage, J. Rodriguez-Lazaro, J. L. Sanz and H. Tong. 1990. The fossil vertebrates from the Lano (Basque Country, Spain); new evidence on the composition and affinities of the Late Cretaceous continental faunas of Europe. Terra Nova 2:460-466 [J. Alroy/E. Leckey/E. Leckey]
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