J. Leidy 1858

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J. Leidy. 1858. Notice of Remains of Extinct Vertebrata, from the Valley of the Niobrara River, Collected during the Exploring Expedition of 1857, in Nebraska, under the Command of Lieut. G. K. Warren, U. S. Top. Eng., by Dr. F. V. Hayden, Geologist to the Expedition. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 10:15-89 [J. Marcot/J. Marcot]
ID number:  59118
Created:  2016-05-11 12:48:32
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (92)
Aelurodon, Aelurodon ferox, Aelurodon haydeni, Aelurodon saevus, Aenocyon dirus, Allozebra excelsus, Anchitherium (Hypohippus), Anchitherium (Hypohippus) affinis, Anchitherium (Parahippus), Anchitherium (Parahippus) cognatus, Aphelops crassus, Archidiskodon imperator, Camelops niobrarensis, Canis (Epicyon), Canis (Epicyon) haydeni, Canis dirus, Canis haydeni, Canis saevus, Canis temerarius, Canis vafer, Castor (Eucastor), Castor (Eucastor) tortus, Cervus warreni, Cervus warrenii, Dipoides tortus, Elephas (Euelephas), Elephas (Euelephas) imperator, Epicyon, Epicyon haydeni, Epicyon saevus, Equus (Protohippus), Equus (Protohippus) perditus, Equus excelsus, Erethizon venustus, Eucastor tortus, Euelephas imperator, Felis (Pseudaelurus), Felis (Pseudaelurus) intrepidus, Geochelone (Hesperotestudo) niobrarensis, Hypohippus, Hypohippus affinis, Hystricops, Hystricops venustus, Hystrix (Hystricops), Hystrix (Hystricops) venustus, Leptocyon vafer, Mammuthus (Archidiskodon) imperator, Mammuthus imperator, Mastodon (Tetralophodon), Mastodon (Tetralophodon) mirificus, Megalomeryx, Megalomeryx niobrarensis, Meryceros warreni, Merychippus (Protohippus), Merychippus (Protohippus) mirabilis, Merychippus (Protohippus) perditus, Merychippus mirabilis, Merychippus perditus, Merychyus, Merychyus elegans, Merychyus major, Merychyus medius, Merycochoerus, Merycochoerus proprius, Merycodus warreni, Metoreodon major, Metoreodon medius, Parahippus, Parahippus cognatus, Paratomarctus temerarius, Peraceras crassus, Pliohippus mirabilis, Procamelus, Procamelus occidentalis, Protohippus, Protohippus mirabilis, Protohippus perditus, Pseudaelurus, Pseudaelurus intrepidus, Rhabdobunus mirificus, Rhinoceros crassus, Stegomastodon mirificus, Stylemys niobrarensis, Tephrocyon temerarius, Tephrocyon vafer, Testudo (Stylemys) niobrarensis, Testudo niobrarensis, Tetralophodon mirificus, Tomarctus temerarius, Ustatochoerus major, Ustatochoerus medius, Vulpes vafer
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