A. Ősi et al. 2013

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A. Ősi, G. Botfalvai, E. Prondvai, Z. Hajdu, G. Czirják, Z. Szentesi, E. Pozsgai, A. E. Götz, L. Makádi, D. Csengődi, and K. Sebe. 2013. First report of Triassic vertebrate assemblages from the Villány Hills (southern Hungary). Central European Geology 56:297-335 [M. Clapham/M. Clapham/P. Wagner]
ID number:  51126
Created:  2014-05-09 14:48:29
Modified:  2018-07-12 00:27:14
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Comments: Reworked fossils not entered
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