L. Agassiz 1837

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L. Agassiz. 1837. Recherches Sur Les Poissons Fossiles. Tome III (livr. 8-9). Imprimérie de Petitpierre, Neuchatel viii-72 [M. Carrano/M. Carrano]
ID number:  38961
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Publication type:  book/book chapter
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  French
Comments: 8th and 9th "livraisons" published September 1837. For Tome III this included preface, pp. 1-72, and pls. B, C, 10a,b, 13-14, 16, 21, 25a (40a)
Taxonomic names (85)
Amelacanthus sulcatus, Asteracanthus, Asteracanthus acutus, Asteracanthus minor, Asteracanthus ornatissimus, Asteracanthus semisulcatus, Asteraganthus, Bythiacanthus brevis, Climatius ornatus, Ctenacanthus, Ctenacanthus brevis, Ctenacanthus major, Ctenacanthus ornatus, Ctenacanthus sulcatus, Ctenacanthus tenuistriatus, Gyracanthus, Gyracanthus alnwicensis, Gyracanthus formosus, Gyracanthus tuberculatus, Hybodus, Hybodus acutus, Hybodus apicalis, Hybodus carinatus, Hybodus crassispinus, Hybodus crassus, Hybodus curtus, Hybodus dimidiatus, Hybodus dorsalis, Hybodus ensatus, Hybodus formosus, Hybodus leptodus, Hybodus leviusculus, Hybodus major, Hybodus marginalis, Hybodus minor, Hybodus pleiodus, Hybodus reticulatus, Hybodus striatulus, Hybodus strictus, Hybodus subcarinatus, Hybodus sulcatus, Hybodus tenuis, Leiacanthus, Leiacanthus falcatus, Leptacanthus, Leptacanthus longissimus, Leptacanthus semistriatus, Leptacanthus serratus, Leptacanthus tenuispinus, Myriacanthus, Myriacanthus granulatus, Myriacanthus paradoxus, Myriacanthus retrorsus, Nemacanthus, Nemacanthus filifer, Nemacanthus monilifer, Onchus, Onchus arcuatus, Onchus hamatus, Onchus murchisoni, Onchus semistriatus, Onchus sulcatus, Onchus tenuistriatus, Oracanthus minor, Oracanthus pustulosus, Pleuracanthus, Pleuracanthus laevissimus, Pleuracanthus levissimus, Pristacanthus, Pristacanthus securis, Ptychacanthus, Ptychacanthus faujasii, Ptychacanthus sublevis, Ptychodus, Ptychodus arcuatus, Ptychodus articulatus, Ptychodus gibberulus, Ptychodus spectabilis, Rhomphaiodon minor, Sphenacanthus, Sphenacanthus serrulatus, Spinax, Spinax major, Tristychius, Tristychius arcuatus