R. G. Dundas 2005

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R. G. Dundas. 2005. The Late Pleistocene vertebrate fauna. In C. Hill, L. B. Davis (eds.), The Merrell Locality & Centennial Valley, Southwest Montana, Pleistocene Geology, Paleontology & Prehistoric Archaeology, Bureau of Land Management Cultural Resources Series No. 4, Montana State Office 79-90 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy]
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Created:  2010-01-06 18:55:12
Modified:  2010-01-06 20:55:12
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Taxonomic opinions (5) - view classification
'Cygnus buccinator belongs to Cygnus' according to Richardson 1832
'Cygnus buccinator is recombined as Olor buccinator' according to R. G. Dundas 2005
'Dinobastis serus is recombined as Homotherium serum' according to R. G. Dundas 2005
'Dinobastis is a subjective synonym of Homotherium' according to R. G. Dundas 2005
'Olar belongs to Anatidae' according to R. G. Dundas 2005
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