P. Mein and M. Freudenthal 1971

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P. Mein and M. Freudenthal. 1971. Une nouvelle classification des Cricetidae (Mammalia, Rodentia) du Tertiair de l'Europe. Scripta Geologica 2:1-37 [L. van den Hoek Ostende/L. van den Hoek Ostende]
ID number:  26589
Created:  2008-02-29 13:59:17
Modified:  2008-02-29 15:59:17
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  French
Taxonomic names (78)
Anomalomyinae, Anomalomys gaillardi, Anomalomys gaudryi, Cricetodon (Cricetodon), Cricetodon (Deperetomys), Cricetodon (Deperetomys) rhodanicus, Cricetodon (Hispanomys), Cricetodon (Hispanomys) aragonensis, Cricetodon (Hispanomys) bijugatus, Cricetodon (Hispanomys) decedens, Cricetodon (Hispanomys) lusitanicus, Cricetodon (Hispanomys) nombrevillae, Cricetodon (Pseudoruscinomys), Cricetodon (Pseudoruscinomys) lavocati, Cricetodon (Pseudoruscinomys) schaubi, Cricetodon albanensis, Cricetodon caucasicus, Cricetodon decedens, Cricetodon gregarius, Cricetodon jotae, Cricetodon lavocati, Cricetodon lusitanicus, Cricetodon nombrevillae, Cricetodon rhodanicus, Cricetulodon sabadellensis, Cricetus barrieri, Cricetus kormosi, Democricetodon (Megacricetodon) gregarius, Democricetodon affinis, Democricetodon freisingensis, Democricetodon gaillardi, Democricetodon hispanicus, Democricetodon romieviensis, Democricetodon sulcatus, Democricetodon vindoboniensis, Deperetomys, Deperetomys rhodanicus, Eucricetodon gerandianus, Eucricetodon infralactorensis, Eucricetodontinae, Eumyarion helveticus, Eumyarion latior, Eumyarion leemanni, Eumyarion medius, Eumyarion weinfurteri, Fahlbuschia larteti, Fahlbuschiini, Heterocricetodon helbingi, Heterocricetodon schlosseri, Hispanomys, Lartetomys, Lartetomys mirabilis, Lartetomys zapfei, Megacricetodon (Collongomys), Megacricetodon (Collongomys) lappi, Megacricetodon (Megacricetodon), Megacricetodon bourgeoisi, Megacricetodon gregarius, Megacricetodon ibericus, Megacricetodon minor, Megacricetodon minutus, Megacricetodon primitivus, Megacricetodon similis, Megacricetodontini, Melissiodon arambourgi, Melissiodon bernlochensis, Melissiodon dominans, Melissiodon emmerichi, Melissiodon schalki, Melissiodon schroderi, Paracricetodon cadurcensis, Paracricetodontinae, Rotundomys sabadellensis, Ruscinomys europaeus, Ruscinomys lasallei, Trilophomys depereti, Trilophomys pyrenaicus, Trilophomys schaubi
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