J. A. Schneider 2002

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J. A. Schneider. 2002. Phylogeny of cardiid bivalves (cockles and giant clams): revision of the Cardiinae and theimportance of fossils in explaining dijunct biogeographical distributions. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Socciety 2002(136):321-369 [M. Uhen/M. Uhen]
ID number:  24246
Created:  2007-05-08 13:04:08
Modified:  2007-05-08 15:04:08
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (91)
Acanthocardia (Schedocardia), Acanthocardiini, Afrocardium carditaeforme, Afrocardium crenelloides, Afrocardium defrancii, Afrocardium euglyptum, Afrocardium exochum, Afrocardium hirsutum, Afrocardium infantule, Afrocardium infinum, Afrocardium richardi, Afrocardium roseolum, Afrocardium rubescens, Afrocardium shepstonense, Afrocardium skeeti, Agnocardia acrocome, Agnocardia convexum, Agnocardia cossmanni, Agnocardia dissidepictum, Agnocardia elnaggari, Agnocardia machaporiensis, Agnocardia mahgoobi, Agnocardia mokattamensis, Agnocardia pessoae, Agnocardia rectispina, Agnocardia sorrentoensis, Agnocardia thalassium, Bucardium (Bucardium), Cardiini, Cardium (Acanthocardia) dissidepictum, Cardium (Acanthocardia) elnaggari, Cardium (Acanthocardia) exochum, Cardium (Fragum) crenelloides, Cardium (Fragum) roseolum, Cardium (Rudicardium), Cardium (Rudicardium) mahgoobi, Cardium (Rudicardium) mokattamensis, Cardium (Trachycardium) cantuariense, Cardium (Trachycardium) infantule, Cardium (Trachycardium) machaporiensis, Cardium (Trachycardium) pessoae, Cardium (Trachycardium) polycolpatum, Cardium (Trachycardium) thalassium, Cardium (Trachycardium) waitakiense, Cardium acrocome, Cardium arabicus, Cardium brunneri, Cardium caparti, Cardium carditaeforme, Cardium convexum, Cardium cossmanni, Cardium defrancii, Cardium euglyptum, Cardium greyi, Cardium hirsutum, Cardium kanlenum, Cardium multicostatum, Cardium patagonicum, Cardium pseudomulticostatum, Cardium rectispina, Cardium richardi, Cardium rubescens, Cardium skeeti, Cardium sorrentoensis, Cardium subcordatum, Dinocardiini, Europicardium badeniense, Europicardium caparti, Europicardium multicostatum, Europicardium polycolpatum, Europicardium pseudomulticostatum, Fragum (Afrocardium), Fragum (Afrocardium) shepstonense, Freneixicardia, Hedecardium (Hedecardium), Hedecardium (Hedecardium) brunneri, Hedecardium (Hedecardium) kanlenum, Hedecardium (Hedecardium) olssoni, Hedecardium (Hedecardium) subcordatum, Hedecardium (Hedecardium) waitakiense, Hedecardium (Iheringicardium), Hedecardium (Iheringicardium) patagonicum, Hedecardium (Titanocardium) cantuariense, Hedecardium (Titanocardium) greyi, Hedecardium olssoni, Iheringicardium, Laevicardium (Plagiocardium) infinum, Orthocardiinae, Parvicardiini, Trachycardium badeniense, Vepricardiini
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