T. W. Vaughan 1900

Full reference
T. W. Vaughan. 1900. The Eocene and lower Oligocene coral faunas of the United States with descriptions of a few doubtfully Cretaceous species. United States Geological Survey, Monograph 39:1-263 [W. Kiessling/W. Kiessling/W. Kiessling]
ID number:  13490
Created:  2005-05-10 05:42:13
Modified:  2005-05-10 07:42:13
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Taxonomic names (78)
Aldrichia, Aldrichia elegans, Amphihelia natchitochensis, Astrangia expansa, Astrangia harrisi, Astrangia ludoviciana, Astrangia wilcoxensis, Astrhelia burnsi, Astrhelia neglecta, Astrohelia burnsi, Astrohelia neglecta, Balanophyllia annularis, Balanophyllia augustinensis, Balanophyllia desmophyllum, Balanophyllia elongata, Balanophyllia haleana, Balanophyllia inauris, Balanophyllia ponderosa, Bathycyathus pulcher, Caryophyllia dalli, Caryophyllia texana, Coelohelia, Coelohelia wagneriana, Dendrophyllia lisbonensis, Dendrophyllia striata, Dichocoenia alabamensis, Endopachys claibornensis, Endopachys lonsdalei, Endopachys maclurii, Endopachys minutum, Eupsammia haleana, Flabellum californicum, Flabellum conoideum, Flabellum johnsoni, Flabellum lerchi, Flabellum mortoni, Flabellum rhomboideum, Haimesastraea, Haimesiastraea, Haimesiastraea conferta, Madracis ganei, Madracis gregorioi, Madracis johnsoni, Madrepora natchitochensis, Mesomorpha duncani, Oculina alabamensis, Oculina aldrichi, Oculina harrisi, Oculina singleyi, Oculina smithi, Oculina wagneriana, Paracyathus alternatus, Paracyathus bellus, Paracyathus cylindricus, Paracyathus granulosus, Paracyathus rugosus, Parasmilia ludoviciana, Platycoenia, Platycoenia jacksonensis, Platytrochus elegans, Rhectopsammia, Rhectopsammia claibornensis, Siderastrea hexagonalis, Sphenotrochus claibornensis, Stephanomorpha, Stephanomorpha monticuliformis, Steriphonotrochus, Steriphonotrochus pulcher, Stylophora minutissima, Stylophora ponderosa, Trochocyathus cingulatus, Trochocyathus depressus, Trochocyathus hyatti, Trochocyathus stantoni, Turbinolia claibornensis, Turbinolia insignifica, Turbinolia maclurii, Turbinolia wautubbeensis