Y. Okazaki 1987

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Y. Okazaki. 1987. Additional materials of Metasqualodon symmetricus (Cetacea: Mammalia) from the Oligocene Ashiya Japan. Bulletin of the Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History 7:133-138 [M. Uhen/M. Uhen/M. Uhen]
ID number:  12179
Created:  2004-12-07 06:33:26
Modified:  2004-12-07 08:33:26
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Taxonomic opinions (3) - view classification
'Metasqualodon symmetricus belongs to Metasqualodon' according to Y. Okazaki 1987
'Metasqualodon belongs to Squalodontidae' according to Y. Okazaki 1987
'Zeuglodon harwoodii is recombined as Metasqualodon harwoodi' according to Y. Okazaki 1987
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