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7481M. Kosnik USGS 00762 (= Near Chatfield, from fossiliferous concretions in the village and in fields and ravines to the west, Navarro County.) Late Campanian - Cretaceous 7 - Texas Stephenson (1941)
7502M. Kosnik USGS 07571 (= Calcareous sandstone concretions in public road, 0.75 mile east of Chatfield, Navarro County; from upper part of formation.) Late Campanian - Cretaceous 7 - Texas Stephenson (1941)
7570M. Kosnik USGS 16170 (= Corsicana road, westward-facing slope of Cedar Creek valley, 2.5 miles north of Corbet, Navarro County; TxBureau 17300: "Corbet road, 5.7 miles west-southwest of the Houston and Texas Central R.R. station at Corsicana, Navarro County. This locality is the same as U.S. Geol. Survey collection 16170") Maastrichtian - Cretaceous 8 - Texas Stephenson (1941)

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