PPP# 2163 - Isla Payardi [lower Gatun Fm] (Miocene of Panama)

Also known as NMB Loc. 18662

Where: Panama (9.4° N, 79.8° W: paleocoordinates 9.1° N, 78.5° W)

• coordinate based on unpublished field data

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: lower Gatun Member (Gatun Formation), Tortonian (11.6 - 7.2 Ma)

• LITHOSRATIGRAPHY: From the Gatun Formation, for which lithostratigraphic relationships are not discussed. AGE: Late Miocene in text. STRATIGRAPHIC POSITION: From middle member in text; lower part of the Gatun Fm according to enterer.

• bed-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: marine; poorly lithified, fine-grained, silty sandstone

• No specific environmental data presented.
• LITHOLOGY: Soft, silty fine-grained sandstone. LITHIFICATION: Poorly lithified, on the basis of observed specimens.

Size classes: macrofossils, mesofossils

Preservation: original aragonite

Collected in 1992; reposited in the NMB

Collection methods: bulk, surface (float), surface (in situ),


Primary reference: O. Aguilera and D. R. de Aguilera. 1999. Bathymetric distribution of Miocene to Pleistocene Caribbean teleostean fishes from the coast of Panama and Costa Rica. Bulletins of American Paleontology 357:251-269 [A. Hendy/A. Hendy]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 145523: authorized by Austin Hendy, entered by Austin Hendy on 05.06.2013

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• COVERAGE: Exhaustive for molluscs and fish. NOMENCLATURE: Not an authoritative publication, but with modern nomenclature. Subgenus-resolution identifications.
 Arcida - Arcidae
Anadara (Rasia) dariensis Brown and Pilsbry 1911 ark
 Arcida - Glycymerididae
Tucetona sp. Iredale 1939 clam
 Pectinida - Pectinoidae
Leopecten gatunensis Toula 1909 scallop
 Ostreida - Gryphaeidae
Hyotissa sp. Stenzel 1971 oyster
 Pholadida - Corbulidae
"Bothrocorbula (Hexacorbula) sp." = Hexacorbula, Caryocorbula prenasuta, Caryocorbula oropendula
"Bothrocorbula (Hexacorbula) sp." = Hexacorbula Olsson 1932 clam
Caryocorbula prenasuta Olsson 1964 clam
Caryocorbula oropendula Olsson 1922 clam
 Cardiida - Chamidae
Chama sp. Linnaeus 1758 jewel box
Arcinella sp. Schumacher 1817 jewel box
 Cardiida - Veneridae
Lirophora (Panchione) sp. Olsson 1964 venus clam
Lirophora (Panchione) mactropsis Conrad 1855 venus clam
Macrocallista (Megapitaria) sp. Grant and Gale 1931 venus clam
Clementia (Clementia) sp. Gray 1842 venus clam
 Cardiida - Semelidae
Abra sp. Lamarck 1818 abra
Ervilia "sp. 1" Turton 1822 clam
Ervilia "sp. 2" Turton 1822 clam
 Cardiida - Cardiidae
"Trachycardium (Dallocardia) sp." = Dallocardia, Trigoniocardia sp.
"Trachycardium (Dallocardia) sp." = Dallocardia Stewart 1930 cockle
Trigoniocardia sp. Dall 1900 cockle
 Solenida - Solenidae
Solena (Solena) sp. Mörch 1853 clam
 Ptenoglossa - Epitoniidae
Cirsotrema (Cirsotremopsis) sp. Thiele 1928 wentletrap
 Opisthobranchia - Cylichnidae
Acteocina sp. Gray 1847 barrel-bubble
Cylichnella sp. Gabb 1873 snail
 Neogastropoda - Olividae
"Oliva (Oliva) gatunensis" = Oliva gatunensis Toula 1908 olive snail
Olivella (Niteoliva) sp. Olsson 1956 olive snail
Olivella (Niteoliva) terryi Olsson 1956 olive snail
 Neogastropoda - Columbellidae
Strombina (Strombina) sp. Mörch 1858 snail
Strombina (Strombina) lessepsiana Brown and Pilsbry 1911 snail
"Costoanachis sp." = Anachis (Costoanachis) Sacco 1890 snail
 Neogastropoda - Buccinidae
Solenosteira sp. Dall 1890 true whelk
Antillophos (Antillophos) sp. Woodring 1928 true whelk
Antillophos (Antillophos) candeanus d'Orbigny 1842 true whelk
Cantharus sp. Röding 1798 true whelk
 Neogastropoda - Nassariidae
Calophos sp. Woodring 1964 snail
Nassarius sp. Duméril 1806 snail
Nassarius (Nanarius) "sp. 1" Woodring 1964 snail
Nassarius (Nanarius) "sp. 2" Woodring 1964 snail
Trajana (Nerva) sp. Vokes 1969 snail
 Neogastropoda - Fasciolariidae
Fasciolaria sp. Lamarck 1799 tulip snail
 Neogastropoda - Cancellariidae
"Cancellaria (Euclia) codazzii" = Euclia codazzii, Bivetiella dariena, Cancellaria (Cancellaria) "sp. 2", Cancellaria (Cancellaria) "sp. 3", "Trigonostoma (Ventrilia) sp." = Ventrilia, "Cancellaria (Charcolleria) sp." = Massyla, Narona sp., Axelella sp.
"Cancellaria (Euclia) codazzii" = Euclia codazzii Anderson 1929 snail
Bivetiella dariena Toula 1908 snail
"Trigonostoma (Ventrilia) sp." = Ventrilia Jousseaume 1887 snail
"Cancellaria (Charcolleria) sp." = Massyla Adams and Adams 1854 snail
Narona sp. Adams and Adams 1854 snail
Axelella sp. Petit 1988 snail
 Neogastropoda - Marginellidae
Prunum sp. Swainson 1840 margin shell
Volvarina sp. Hinds 1844 margin shell
 Neogastropoda - Muricidae
Poirieria (Panamurex) sp. Woodring 1959 murex snail
 Neogastropoda - Drilliidae
Clathrodrillia sp. Dall 1918 snail
Hindsiclava sp. Hertlein and Strong 1955 snail
Hindsiclava consors Sowerby 1850 snail
 Neogastropoda - Turridae
Gemmula sp. Weinkauff 1875 turrid
Polystira "sp. 1" Woodring 1928 turrid
Polystira "sp. 2" Woodring 1928 turrid
 Neogastropoda -
 Neogastropoda - Conidae
Conus "sp. 1" Linnaeus 1758 cone shell
Conus "sp. 2" Linnaeus 1758 cone shell
Conus "sp. 3" Linnaeus 1758 cone shell
Conus "sp. 4" Linnaeus 1758 cone shell
Conus "sp. 5" Linnaeus 1758 cone shell
 Neogastropoda - Terebridae
Strioterebrum "sp. 1" Sacco 1891 auger snail
Strioterebrum "sp. 2" Sacco 1891 auger snail
Strioterebrum "sp. 3" Sacco 1891 auger snail
Strioterebrum spiriferum Dall 1895 auger snail
Terebra (Panaterebra) sp. Olsson 1967 auger snail
 Stromboidea - Strombidae
Strombus (Strombus) sp. Linnaeus 1758 conch
 Naticoidea - Naticidae
Natica (Natica) sp. Scopoli 1777 moon snail
Stigmaulax sp. Morch 1852 moon snail
Stigmaulax guppiana Toula 1909 moon snail
Sinum sp. Röding 1798 moon snail
Polinices sp. Monfort 1810 moon snail
Polinices stanislasmeunieri Maury 1917 moon snail
 Cypraeoidea - Cypraeidae
Muracypraea henekeni Sowerby 1850 cowry
 Vermetoidea - Vermetidae
Petaloconchus sp. Lea 1843 worm shell
Petaloconchus sculpturatus Lea 1846 worm shell
 Calyptraeoidea - Calyptraeidae
Crucibulum (Dispotaea) "sp. 1" Say 1824 slipper shell
Crucibulum (Dispotaea) "sp. 2" Say 1824 slipper shell
Crucibulum (Dispotaea) springvaleense Rutsch 1942 slipper shell
Crucibulum (Crucibulum) sp. Schumacher 1817 slipper shell
Crepidula sp. Lamarck 1799 slipper shell
 Tonnoidea - Personidae
Distorsio decussata Valenciennes 1832 snail
 Tonnoidea - Tonnidae
Malea ringens Swainson 1822 tun shell
 Sorbeoconcha - Turritellidae
"Turritella altilira" = Turritella (Bactrospira) altilira Conrad 1857 turret shell
Turritella gatunensis Conrad 1857 turret shell
Turritella abrupta Spieker 1922 turret shell
Springvaleia sp. Rutsch 1934 turret shell
 Pyramidelloidea - Pyramidellidae
Callolongchaeus "sp. 1" Dall 1903 snail
Callolongchaeus "sp. 2" Dall 1903 snail
 Architectonicoidea - Architectonicidae
Architectonica sp. Röding 1798 sundial
 Gadilida - Gadilidae
Polyschides sp. Pilsbry 1898 tusk shell
 Anguilliformes - Congridae
Rhynchoconger sp. Jordan and Hobbs 1925 conger eel
 Acanthomorphata - Opistognathidae
Lonchopisthus sp. Myers 1935
 Pleuronectiformes - Paralichthyidae
Citharichthys sp. Bleeker 1862 flatfish
 Ophidiiformes - Ophidiidae
 Perciformes - Pomadasyidae
Pomadasys sp. Lacépède 1802 perch-like fish
 Perciformes - Gobioidei
Gobiidae indet. Bonaparte 1832 goby
 Acanthomorphata - Haemulidae
Haemulidae indet. Richardson 1949
 Acanthomorphata - Sciaenidae
Equetus sp. Rafinesque 1815
 Acanthomorphata - Pomacanthidae
 Gadiformes - Bregmacerotidae
Bregmaceros sp. Thompson 1840
 Myctophiformes - Myctophidae
Diaphus sp. Eigenmann 1890 lanternfish
 Clupeiformes - Clupeoidei
Engraulis sp. Cuvier 1817 hering
 Clupeiformes -
Anchoa sp. Jordan and Evermann 1927