IN-DTC-32 (Miocene of Peru)

Where: Ucayali, Peru (10.4° S, 73.5° W: paleocoordinates 10.9° S, 70.6° W)

• coordinate estimated from map

When: Laventan mammal zone, Ipururo Formation, Laventan (13.8 - 11.8 Ma)

Environment/lithology: foreshore; lithified conglomerate

• Vertebrate remains accumulate mainly in Miocene conglomerates from the Ipururo Formation, interpreted as storm deposits channelized in nearshore environment (Espurt et al. 2007, 2010).

Size class: macrofossils

• Fragmentary ectometaloph of a left M3 (MUSM 1477)

Preservation: original phosphate

Collection methods: MUSM: Museo de Historia Natural de la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru

Primary reference: G. Goillot, P. O. Antoine, J. Tejada, F. Pujos, and R. Salas-Gismondi. 2011. Middle Miocene Uruguaytheriinae (Mammalia, Astrapotheria) from Peruvian Amazonia and a review of the astrapotheriid fossil record in northern South America. Geodiversitas 33(2):331-345 [C. Jaramillo/J. Ceballos/A. Cardenas ]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 144793: authorized by Carlos Jaramillo, entered by Juliana Ceballos on 18.05.2013, edited by Juan Carrillo

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• Fragmentary ectometaloph of a left M3 (MUSM 1477)
 Notoungulata - Toxodontidae
Pericotoxodon cf. platignathus Madden 1997 notoungulate
MUSM 1500, MUSM 922,
 Notoungulata - Interatheriidae
Miocochilius anomopodus Stirton 1953 notoungulate
MUSM 986, MUSM 1494
 Rodentia - Dinomyidae
Drytomomys cf. aequatorialis Anthony 1922 caviomorph
MUSM 943, MUSM 946, MUSM 942
 Xenarthra - Megalonychidae
Megalonychidae indet. Gervais 1855 edentate
MUSM 904
 Xenarthra - Mylodontidae
Urumacotherium sp. Bocquentin-Villanueva 1983 edentate
MUSM 985
 Xenarthra - Glyptodontidae
Glyptodontidae indet. glyptodon
MUSM 934
Boreostemma sp. Carlini et al. 2008 glyptodon
MUSM 932, MUSM 933
Parapropalaehoplophorus septentrionalis Croft et al. 2007 glyptodon
MUSM 980 and MUSM 982
 Ungulata - Macraucheniidae
"Macrauchenidae indet." = Macraucheniidae
"Macrauchenidae indet." = Macraucheniidae Ameghino 1889 eutherian
MUSM 1505
 Ungulata - Astrapotheriidae
Granastrapotherium cf. snorki Johnson and Madden 1997 eutherian
Specimen MUSM 1477
 Sparassodonta -
Borhyaenoidea indet. Ameghino 1894 metatherian
MUSM 1649