Cernay (Paleocene of France)

Also known as Cernay-lès-Reims; carrières Lemoine; Lemoine Quarry

Where: Champagne-Ardenne, France (49.3° N, 4.1° E: paleocoordinates 43.8° N, 1.7° E)

• coordinate based on nearby landmark

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Conglomérat de Cernay Formation, Thanetian (59.2 - 56.0 Ma)

• "Thanétien supérieur"

Environment/lithology: terrestrial; lithology not reported

Size class: macrofossils

Reposited in the MNHN

• Lemoine's collections are from multiple nearby quarries

Primary reference: D. E. Russell. 1981. Un primate nouveau du Paléocène supérieur de France. Geobios 14(3):399-405 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 87925: authorized by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 28.03.2009, edited by Philip Mannion, Jonathan Tennant, Terri Cleary, Patricia Holroyd and Mark Uhen

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• remaining fauna not discussed
 Salientia - Palaeobatrachidae
Palaeobatrachus sp.18 Tschudi 1839 frog
MNHN CR 6748 (ilium), 6749 (vertebra) and 6750 (left humerus)
 Salientia -
Neobatrachia indet.16 Reig 1958 frog
MNHN CR 6752 (vertebra), 6753 (right radio-ulna) and 5391 (left humerus)
 Salientia - Bufonidae
Bufonidae indet.18 Gray 1825 toad
MNHN CR 16016 and MNHN CR 16017 (two ilia); MNHN CR 16018 (pterygoid)
 Proteida - Batrachosauroididae
Palaeoproteus gallicus n. sp.4 Estes et al. 1967 salamander
MNHN CR 6692 - type (trunk vertebra); referred material: MNHN CR 6688-6691, 6702-6704 (atlantes), 6693, 6694, 6713-6717 (trunk vertebrae), 6695-6699, 6718-6720 (dentaries), 6700 (left premaxilla), 6701 (left maxilla) and 6721 (first ceratobranchial)
 Caudata - Urodela
Koalliella sp.4 Herre 1950 newt
MNHN CR 6740-6741 (trunk vertebrae)
cf. Salamandra sp.4 Laurenti 1768 salamander
MNHN CR 6742-6744 (trunk vertebrae)
 Testudines - Trionychidae
Trionyx sp.2 Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire 1809 softshell turtle
 Testudines -
"Berruchelus russelli" = Compsemys russelli17, Cryptodira indet.2
"Berruchelus russelli" = Compsemys russelli17 Pérez-García 2012 turtle
MNHN.F.CR 13427 (fragment of peripheral plate)
Cryptodira indet.2 turtle
two kinds
 Strigiformes - Sophiornithidae
Berruornis orbisantiqui16 Mourer-Chauviré 1994 owl
L 3096 (cast of a complete right tarsometatarsus)
 Remiornithiformes - Remiornithidae
Remiornis heberti n. gen. n. sp.14
Remiornis heberti n. gen. n. sp.14 Lemoine 1881 bird
MNHN CRL 2481 - lectotype (partial tarsometatarsus); additional MHNH CRL referred material
 Gastornithiformes - Gastornithidae
"Gastornis edwardsii n. sp." = Gastornis parisiensis14
"Gastornis edwardsii n. sp." = Gastornis parisiensis14 Hébert 1855 bird
MNHN CRL 2457 - lectotype (partial tibiotarsi); additional MHNH CRL referred material
Eupterornis remensis n. gen. n. sp.16
Eupterornis remensis n. gen. n. sp.16 Lemoine 1878 bird
 Crocodylia -
Diplocynodon remensis15 Martin et al. 2014 crocodilian
MNHN material (referred)
 Squamata - Lacertidae
Cernaycerta duchaussoisi n. gen. n. sp.1
Cernaycerta duchaussoisi n. gen. n. sp.1 Augé 2005 squamates
MNHN CR 17403 (holotype), incomplete left dentary; MNHN CR 17402, partial posterior left dentary with a portion of the splenial
 Squamata - Necrosauridae
Necrosaurus sp.1 Filhol 1876 squamates
 Squamata -
Eolacerta sp.1 Nöth 1940 squamates
dorsal vertebra
 Squamata - Amphisbaenidae
Amphisbaenidae indet.1 Gray 1865 worm lizard
about fifteen dentaries and a few maxillae
 Squamata - Polyodontobaenidae
Camptognathosaurus parisiensis5 Folie et al. 2013 worm lizard
About fifteen dentaries and maxillae including MNHN CR 17420, a well-preserved right dentary, MNHN CR 17421, posterior part of a right dentary and MNHN CR 17425, anterior part of a left dentary
 Primates - Plesiadapidae
Chiromyoides campanicus n. gen. n. sp.9 Stehlin 1916 primate
type specimen is from "Cernay"
Plesiadapis remensis n. sp.10 Lemoine 1887 primate
type is from an unknown Lemoine quarry
Plesiadapis tricuspidens10 Gervais 1877 primate
also includes type of P. gervaisii
 Primates -
Berruvius lasseroni13 Russell 1964 primate
MNHN R-396, CR-244-BN, CR-10-BN and CR-15-BN
 Primates - Toliapinidae
"Berruvius gingerichi n. sp." = Sarnacius gingerichi
"Berruvius gingerichi n. sp." = Sarnacius gingerichi Russell 1981 primate
from "carrières Lemoine"
 Tribosphenida - Adapisoriculidae
Adapisoriculidae indet.6, Afrodon sp.7, Remiculus deutschi n. gen. n. sp.21, Bustylus cernaysi n. gen. n. sp.8, "Afrodon germanicus" = Bustylus germanicus7
Adapisoriculidae indet.6 Van Valen 1967 placental
MNHM CR 1194 - originally considered a marsupial (Russell 1964) and later considered a probable eutherian (Clemens, 1986; Clemens and Marshall, 1976; Savage and Russell, 1983)
Afrodon sp.7 Gheerbrant 1988 placental
Described as ""Remiculus" ? n. sp." by Russell (1966)
Remiculus deutschi n. gen. n. sp.21 Russell 1964 placental
from "Lemoine Quarry at Cernay-les-Reims" according to Szalay
Bustylus cernaysi n. gen. n. sp.8 Gheerbrant and Russell 1991 placental
MNHM CR 15950 - holotype (left m2); referred material too
"Afrodon germanicus" = Bustylus germanicus7 Russell 1964 placental
MNHM specimens; upper dentition: CR-18-Bn (right M2/ broken lingually), CR-19-Bn (right M2/), CR 181 Ph (left M2/); lower dentition: CR-1-Bn (right M/2?), CR-32-PN (left M/3), CR 399 (right M/l?), CR-354-Ph (right M/3), CY 590 (left M/2?), CR 685 (right M/l?), MNHM 16120 (right M/3) and MNHM 16121 (left M/3)
 Perissodactyla -
Teilhardimys brisswalteri n. sp.12 Hooker and Russell 2012 odd-toed ungulate
MNHN.F.CR-4400 - type (LP4); paratypes: Two LP4s, MNHN.F.CR-11888, CR-38- Meniel; RP4, MNHN.F.CR-4521; L maxilla, M1–3, MNHN.F.CR-265-Bn; three RM1s, MNHN.F.CR-1281, CR-118-Pn, CR-33-MD; two LM2s, MNHN.F.CR- 568-Ph, CR-27-MD; LM3, MNHN.F.CR-538; RDP4, MNHN.F.CR-343-Ph; two RP3s, MNHN.F.CR-285-Bn, SLP.CR-352; three LP4s, MNHN.F.CR-1283, CR-4339, CR-546-Ph; two RP4s, MNHN.F.CR-238, CR-1264; five LM1s, MNHN.F.CR-234, CR-4324, CR-11891, CR-192- Ph, CR-690-Ph; five RM1s, MNHN.F.CR-358, CR- 191-Ph, CR-102-Pn, CR-358-Pn, SLP.CR-317; L dentary, M2–3, MNHN.F.CR-3-Bw; four LM2s, MNHN.F. CR-4332, CR-6-F, UCMP.62009(CR-4327), 62016(CR-1157); seven RM2s, MNHN.F.CR-316, CR-4328, CR-1180, CR-367-Pn; CR-372-Pn, CR-1703- Pn, SLP.CR-320; six LM3s, MNHN.F.CR-11890, CR-15930(Collier 699), CR-1724-Pn, CR-273-Bn, CR-84-MD, UCMP.62023(CR-1104); 13 RM3s, MNHN. F.CR-236, CR-237, CR-1146, CR-1251, CR-1722, CR-1396-Pn, CR-1705-Pn, CR-1718-Pn, CR-203-Ph, CR-328-L, CR-309-Bn, CR-83-MD, CR-85-MD; referred material: Two LP4s, MNHN.F.CR-207, CR-152-Bn; LM2, MNHN.F.CR-17479; two RM2s, MNHN.F.CR-294, CR-4322; two LM1s, MNHN.F.CR- 545-Ph, UCMP.62019(CR-4326); RM2, MNHN.F.CR- 619-Ph; RM3, MNHN.F.CR-11977
Paschatherium dolloi12 Teilhard de Chardin 1927 odd-toed ungulate
Left dentary fragment with P4–M3, MNHN.F.CRL-827; RM1, MNHN.F.CR-5-Bn
 Tribosphenida - Pseudorhyncocyonidae
Phakodon levei11 Russell et al. 1967 placental
LM1, MNHN.F.CR-285; RM2, MNHN.F.CR-4420; RM3, MNHN.F.CR-292; LM1, MNHN.F.CR-4416; RM1, MNHN. F.CR-4414; two LM2s, MNHN.F.CR-1309, CR-4413; LM1, MNHN.F.CR-63-Pn; RM1, MNHN.F.CR-72-L; RM2, MNHN.F.CR-4483; LM3, NMB.CY-370; RM3, MNHN.F.CR- 15926
 Macroscelidea - Louisinidae
Walbeckodon girardi n. sp.12 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
MNHN.F.CR-330 - type (left dentary fragment with M1–3); paratypes: RP3, MNHN.F.CR-134-Ph; RP4, MNHN. F.CR-4412; three LM1s, MNHN.F.CR-81-Pn, CR-7-Bn, CR-4442; 2 RM1s, MNHN.F.CR-1229, CR-329-Bn; RM2, MNHN.F.CR-116-Ph; RM3, MNHN.F.CR-334-L; L dentary with P4–M2, MNHN.F.CRL-825; R dentary with M1–2, MNHN.F.CR-331; LP4, MNHN.F.CR-1225; two RP4s, MNHN.F.CR-11906, CR-168-Bn; three LM1s, MNHN.F.CR-13778, CR-12-Pn, UCMP. 62075(CR-329); two RM1s, MNHN.F.CR-1753-Pn, UCMP.62003(CR-4409); three LM2s, MNHN.F.CR- 11992, CR-58-Pn, CR-73-Pn; four RM2s, MNHN.F.CR- 189, CR-11889, CR-109-Bn, NMB.CY-953; two RM3s, MNHN.F.CR-230-Bn, CR-951-Pn; referred material: LM2, MNHN.F.CR-661; RM2, MNHN.F.CR-188; L dentary with P4-M1, MNHN. F.CR-1753-Pn; 3 LM2s, MNHN.F.CR-474, CR-11910, CR-11992; RM2, MNHN.F.CR-4411
Gigarton meyeri12 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
Paratypes: Two LP4s, MNHN.F.CR-11909, CR-6-Bn; LM1, MNHN.F.CR-318; RM1, CR-971-Pn; RDP4, MNHN.F.CR-340-Ph; LP3, MNHN.F.CR-1211; LP4, MNHN.F.CR-287-L; three RP4s, MNHN.F.CR-946, CR-1159, CR-1696-Pn; LM1, MNHN.F.CR-4331; RM1, MNHN.F.CR-13773; Doubtfully referred specimens: LP3?, MNHN.F.CR- 284-L; RP3?, CR-80-MD
Gigarton sigogneauae12 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
Paratypes: LM1, MNHN.F.CR-78-MD; right M1, MNHN.F.CR-284-Bn; two RM3s, MNHN.F.CR-88-Ph, CR-335-L; LDP4, MNHN.F.CR-156-Ph; RDP4, MNHN.F.R1218; LP4, MNHN.F.CR-15937(Collier 836); LM1, CR-288-L; LM3, CR-321-L; referred material: LDP4, MNHN.F.CR-1206
Gigarton louisi n. sp.12 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
MNHN.F.CR-93-L - type (LM2); paratypes: LM1, MNHN.F.CR-291-L; four RM1s, MNHN.F.CR-435, CR-289-L, CR-8-MD, CR-1447-Pn; RM2, MNHN.F.CR-45-MD; LM3, MNHN.F.CR-129-Pn; LDP4, MNHN.F.CR-290-L
Louisina mirabilis12 Russell 1964 elephant shrew
LP4, MNHN.F.CR-248-Bn; RM1, UCMP.62011(CR-239); LM3, MNHN.F.CR-4329; RM3, MNHN.F.CR-1285; LM3, MNHN.F.CR-1442-Pn; RM3, MNHN.F.CR-75-MD
Louisina marci n. sp.12 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
MNHN.F.CR-235 - type (left M1); paratypes: RP4, MNHN.F.CR-77-MD; four LM1s, MNHN.F.CR-4325, CR-11907, CR-571-Ph, UCMP. 62021(CR-4321); three RM1s, MNHN.F.CR-240, CR-54-Bn, CR-1140-Pn; five LM2s, MNHN.F.CR-247, CR-32-MD, UCMP.62015(CR-248), 62010(CR-1242), SLP.CR-315; 5 RM2s, MNHN.F.CR-216, CR-625, CR-951, CR-15929, UCMP.62013(CR-244); 3 LM3s, MNHN.F.CR-4336, CR-323-L, CR-324-L; seven RM3s, MNHN.F.CR-1143, CR-4323, CR-11904, CR-187-Ph, CR-572-Ph, CR-68-Bn, CR-322-L; LDP4, MNHN.F.CR- 4397; two RP3s, MNHN.F.CR-312-L, UCMP.62018(CR- 308); two LP4s, MNHN.F.CR-76-MD, SLP.CR-1-De; two RP4, MNHN.F.CR-233, CR-1117; LM1, FSL.1. 882; three RM1s, MNHN.F.CR-1-F, CR-25-MD, UCMP.62014(CR-949); four RM2s, MNHN.F.CRL-568, CRL-569, CR-17-MD, UCMP.62008(CR-4330); LM3, MNHN.F.CR-1704-Pn; two RM3s, MNHN.F.CR-773- Ph, CR-327-L; referred material: Two LM3, MNHN.F.CR-1272, CR-337-L; LM1, MNHN.F.CR-15936(Collier835); LM2, UCMP.62020(CR-233)
Thryptodon brailloni n. gen. n. sp.12 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
MNHN.F.CR-1268 - holotype (LM2); paratypes: RM2, MNHN.F.CR-311-L; RM1, MNHN. F.CR-55-Bn; LM2, MNHN.F.CR-317-L; two RM2s, MNHN.F.CR-90-Bn, CR-63-V; tentatively referred specimen: LP3, MNHN.F.CR-170- Ph
Berrulestes phelizoni12 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
Paratypes: RP4, MNHN.F.CR-1693-Pn; four LM1s, MNHN.F.CR-213, CR-1230, CR-59-V, CR-20-MD; six RM1s, MNHN.F.CR-210, CR-937, CR-5487, CR-1390-Pn, CR-1699-Pn, UCMP.62006(CR-4419); RM2, MNHN.F.CR-3-Bn; LP4, MNHN.F.CR-34-MD; RP4, MNHN.F.CR-1448-Pn; three RM1s, MNHN.F. CR-42-Pn, CR-1415-Pn, CR-1707-Pn; three LM2s, MNHN.F.CR-281-Bn, CR-333-Pn, CR-17477; three RM2s, MNHN.F.CR-11901, CR-307-L, CR-94-Pn; five RM3s, MNHN.F.CR-341-Pn, CR-1730-Pn, CR-329-L, CR-330-L, CR-56-MD; RDP4, FSL.1.881; referred material: LP4, MNHN.F.CR-17476; RP4, MNHN.F.CR-237-Bn; 2 LM1s, MNHN.F.CR-384, CR-282-Bn; LM3, MNHN.F.CR-1424-Pn; doubtfully referred specimen: LDP4, MNHN.F.CR- 374
Berrulestes poirieri12 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
Paratypes: LP3, MNHN.F.CR-465-Ph; RM2, MNHN. F.CR-316-L; two LM2s, MNHN.F.CR-86-Bn, CR-371- Pn; five RM2s, MNHN.F.CR-1119, CR-99-Bn, CR-286- Bn, CR-1692-Pn, IRSNB.CR-101A-Wouters; RM3, MNHN.F.CR-208; referred material: Two LM2s, MNHN.F.CR-318-L, CR-320-L; two RM2s, MNHN.F.CR-319-L, CR-312-Bn
Berrulestes pellouini12 Hooker and Russell 2012 elephant shrew
Paratypes: RM1, MNHN.F.CR-111-Ph; two LM3, MNHN.F.CR-377, CR-548; two RP4s, MNHN.F.CR- 1135-Pn, CR-39-MD; LM1, MNHN.F.CR-143-Pn; RM1, MNHN.F.CR-1154-Pn; LM2, MNHN.F.CR-1719-Pn; RM2, MNHN.F.CR-1425-Pn; LM3, MNHN.F.CR- 15928; referred material: RM1, MNHN.F.CR-149-Pn; LM2, MNHN.F.CR-4428; RM2, MNHN.F.CR-1126
"Paschatherium petri n. gen. n. sp." = Dipavali petri12 Russell 1964 elephant shrew
MNHN.F.CR-142 - holotype (Left dentary fragment with M2 and alveoli for M1, M3); referred material: LP3, MNHN.F.CR-4390; three RP3s, MNHN.F.CR-329, CR-1137, CR-115-Bn; eight LP4s, MNHN.F.CR-633, CR-15938(Collier 837), CR-65-Ph, CR-885-Ph, CR-366-Pn, CR-67-Bn, CR-282-L, CR-55- MD; 15 RP4s, MNHN.F.CR-279, CR-1107, CR- 1176, CR-1207, CR-124-Pn, CR-359-Pn, CR-1728-Pn, CR-337-Ph, CR-338-Ph, CR-218-Bn, CR-283-L, CR-285-L, CR-286-L, CR-82-MD, CR-86-MD; five LM1s, MNHN.F.CR-64-Pn, CR-283-Bn, CR-696-Ph, CR-295-L, SLP.CR-404; nine RM1s, MNHN.F.CR-628, CR-4519, CR-15935(Collier 834), CR-86-Pn, CR-280- Bn, CR-292-L, CR-293-L, CR-294-L, CR-17481-L; five LM2s, MNHN.F.CR-217, CR-11897, CR-692-Ph, CR-297-L, CR-1418-Pn; 13 RM2s, MNHN.F.CR-218, CR-11895, CR-13775, CR-89-Ph, CR-107-Ph, CR-296-L, CR-298-L, CR-299-L, CR-300-L, CR-301-L, CR-1143-Pn, SLP.CR-319, CR-323; RM3, MNHN.F.CR- 941; two LDP3, MNHN.F.CR-535, CR-599; RDP3, MNHN.F.CR-224; RDP4, MNHN.F.CR-1438-Pn; RP2, MNHN.F.CR-38-Pn; five LP3s, MNHN.F.CR-595, CR-4372, CR-101-Ph, CR-144-Ph, CR-325-Ph; eight RP3s, MNHN.F.CR-283, CR-303, CR-508, CR-1184, CR-13759, CR-15954(Collier 553), CR-49-Pn, CR-327- Ph; two L dentaries, P4-M1, MNHN.F.CR-62-De, CR-73-MD; six LP4s, MNHN.F.CR-299, CR-519, CR-72-Pn, CR-689-Ph, SLP.CR-8, CR-398; six RP4s, MNHN.F. CR-1304, CR-4523, CR-17-Pn, CR-1462-Pn, CR-398-Ph, SLP.CR-345; ten M1s, MNHN.F.CR-53-Pn, CR-315-Pn, CR-317-Pn, CR-1134-Pn, CR-1711-Pn, CR-302-L, CR-303-L, CR-304-L, CR-305-L, C-418-W; eight RM1s, MNHN.F.CR-4514, CR-25-Pn, CR-46-Pn, CR-368-Pn, CR-1393-Pn, CR-1716-Pn, SLP.CR-316, CR-401; eight LM2s, MNHN.F.CR-342, CR-56-Pn, CR-1713-Pn, CR-15-Bn, CR-308-L, CR-309-L, SLP.CR- 318, CR-348; eight RM2s, MNHN.F.CR-86-Ph, CR-375- Ph, CR-356-Pn, CR-362-Pn, CR-1139-Pn, CR-306-L, CR-310-L, SLP.CR-322; seven LM3s, MNHN.F.CR-239, CR-11972, CR-324-Pn, CR-1153-Pn, CR-1732-Pn, CR-1761-Pn, CR-325-L; four RM3s, MNHN.F.CR-87-Pn, CR-1735-Pn, CR-326-L, CR-336-L; L dentary, DP3–4, MNHN.F.CR-14167; LDP3, MNHN.F.CR-590- Ph
 Tribosphenida - Arctocyonidae
Landenodon lavocati n. sp.19 Russell 1980 condylarth
CR-11-G - type
 Ungulata - Hyopsodontidae
Tricuspiodon sp.19 Lemoine 1885 condylarth
CR-65-MD, CR 809 and CR 890
Tricuspiodon sobrinus19 Russell 1980 condylarth
CR 184
Tricuspiodon rutimeyer n. sp.19 Lemoine 1891 condylarth
CRL 798 - type
 Acreodi - Mesonychidae
Dissacus europaeus n. sp.20 Lemoine 1891 condylarth
MNHN.F.CRL982 - type; referred material: MNHN.F.CRL1129, 1937-611, 14037, 17232
 Multituberculata - Kogaionidae
Hainina godfriauxi22 Vianey-Liaud 1979 multituberculate
MNHN CR 1043
Hainina vianeyae3 Peláez-Campomanes et al. 2000 multituberculate