Dayia Comm. in E Baltic (Silurian to of Estonia)

Where: Estonia (58.1° N, 22.2° E: paleocoordinates 14.2° S, 1.1° W)

• coordinate based on political unit

• basin-level geographic resolution

When: Ludlow to Ludlow (427.4 - 419.2 Ma)

• "The earliest occurrences of Dayia navicula in the E Baltic are from the Ludlow, but most of them are in the Pridoli."

Environment/lithology: marine

• "The medium diversity Dayia Community forms the most offshore, basinal belt in the Baltic region. the high dominance, `pure' Dayia Community has the same position in the Baltic region Ludlow. The intervals with D. navicula occur chiefly in offlap situations. Nestor & Einasto (1982) concluded that the Dayia-bearing sediments represent an alternation of open shelf and slope sediments. Kaljo & Rubel (1982) assigned the community to a BA 4-5 position. The Dayia Community has been previously assigned a quiet water BA 3 position (Boucot 1975), but Musteikis (ch. 21, this volume) provides evidence that the community can also occur in restrictive (possibly dysaerobic), quiet water BA 4 environments as well. It occurs as a single taxon community, featuring largely articulated specimens, that is interpreted as BA 5...and as a low diversity BA 4 unit."

Primary reference: R. Mannil and M. Rubel. 1999. Selected brachiopod and trilobite communities of the East Baltic Silurian. In A. J. Boucot, J. D. Lawson (eds.), Paleocommunities--a case study from the Silurian and Lower Devonian 253-270 [M. Foote/M. Foote/P. Wagner]more details

Purpose of describing collection: paleoecologic analysis

PaleoDB collection 13733: authorized by Michael Foote, entered by Michael Foote on 22.04.2002

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Productida - Strophochonetidae
 Strophomenida - Rafinesquinidae
"Leptaena venzavensis" = Leptaena (Leptaena) depressa
"Leptaena venzavensis" = Leptaena (Leptaena) depressa Sowerby 1824
 Athyridida - Dayiidae
Dayia navicula Sowerby 1839
(= D. bohemica)
 Atrypida - Atrypidae
Atrypa reticularis Linnaeus 1758
 Rhynchonellida - Trigonirhynchiidae
 Orthida - Dalmanellidae
Isorthis sp. Kozlowski 1929