Meudon (Eocene of France)

Where: Île-de-France, France (48.8° N, 2.2° E: paleocoordinates 44.3° N, 0.3° W)

• coordinate estimated from map

When: MP8+9 zone, Vaugirard Formation, Ypresian (56.0 - 47.8 Ma)

• from the "Conglomérat de Meudon (at the base of the Argile Plastique)" (Gingerich 1976)

• bed-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: marine; conglomerate

Size classes: macrofossils, mesofossils

Reposited in the MNHN

Primary reference: P. Gervais. 1859. Zoologie et Paléontologie Françaises. Nouvelles Recherches sur les Animaux Vertébrés dont on Trouve les Ossements Enfouis dans le Sol de la France et sur leur Comparaison aves les Espèces Propres aux Autres Régions du Globe (Deuxième Edition) [French Zoology and Paleontology. New Research on Vertebrate Animals Whose Bones Are Found Buried in the Soil of France and their Comparison with Species Specific to Other Regions of the Globe (Second Edition)] 544 [M. Uhen/M. Uhen/M. Carrano]more details

Purpose of describing collection: biostratigraphic analysis

PaleoDB collection 68437: authorized by Mark Uhen, entered by Mark Uhen on 22.01.2007, edited by John Alroy, Philip Mannion, Terri Cleary and Patricia Holroyd

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Euselachii -
 Pristiformes - Pristidae
cf. Onchosaurus sp.8 Gervais 1852 sawfish
 Selachii -
 Pycnodontiformes - Pycnodontidae
Pycnodontidae indet.8 Agassiz 1835
 Amiiformes - Amiidae
Amiidae indet.8 Huxley 1861 bowfin
 Lepisosteiformes - Lepisosteidae
Lepisosteidae indet.8 Cuvier 1825 gar
 Salientia -
 Caudata - Urodela
Urodela indet.8 Duméril 1805 salamander
 Testudines - Trionychidae
Trionychidae indet.8, "Palaeotrionyx vittatus" = Axestemys vittata2
Trionychidae indet.8 Gray 1825 softshell turtle
"Palaeotrionyx vittatus" = Axestemys vittata2 Pomel 1847 softshell turtle
 Testudines - Carettochelyidae
 Gastornithiformes - Gastornithidae
Gastornis parisiensis n. gen. n. sp.7
Gastornis parisiensis n. gen. n. sp.7 Hébert 1855 bird
MNHN - holotype (left tibiotarsus lacking proximal end)
 Crocodylia - Crocodylidae
Crocodylus depressifrons3 Blainville 1855 crocodile
 Crocodylia -
Asiatosuchus sp.8 Mook 1940 crocodilian
Diplocynodon sp.8 Pomel 1847 crocodilian
 Crocodylia - Alligatoridae
Allognathosuchus sp.8 Mook 1921 crocodilian
 Squamata - Lacertidae
Dormaalisaurus girardoti1 Augé and Smith 2002 squamates
incomplete left dentary, incomplete right maxilla
 Squamata - Agamidae
Tinosaurus europeocaenus1 Auge and Smith 1997 squamates
maxilla fragment
 Primates - Omomyidae
Teilhardina belgica8 Teilhard de Chardin 1927 tarsier
 Primates - Plesiadapidae
Plesiadapis russelli n. sp.4 Gingerich 1976 primate
specimens first described by d'Orbigny (1836) and assigned to Plesiadapis or Platychoerops by Stehlin (1916), Teilhard (1922), and Russell et al. (1967)
 Primates - Paromomyidae
Arcius sp.8 Godinot 1984 primate
Arcius lapparenti6 Russell et al. 1967 primate
 Primates -
Berruvius cf. lasseroni8 Russell 1964 primate
 Primates - Notharctidae
 Cimolesta - Coryphodontidae
Coryphodon oweni5 Hebert 1856 pantodont
 Rodentia -
"Paramys cf. ageiensis" = Pseudoparamys ageiensis8 Michaux 1964 rodent
 Rodentia - Ischyromyidae
Microparamys "n. sp."8 Wood 1959 rodent
Paramys sp.8 Leidy 1871 rodent
 Perissodactyla - Palaeotheriidae
Hyracotherium aff. leporinum10 Owen 1841 odd-toed ungulate
 Tribosphenida - Nyctitheriidae
Leptacodon sp.8 Matthew and Granger 1921 placental
 Chiroptera - Icaronycteridae
cf. Icaronycteris sp.8 Jepsen 1966 bat
 Ferae - Viverravidae
Viverravidae indet.8 Wortman and Matthew 1899 placental
 Carnivora - Miacidae
Miacidae indet.8 Cope 1880 carnivoran
 Macroscelidea - Amphilemuridae
Neomatronella sp.8 Russell et al. 1975 elephant shrew
Macrocranion nitens8 Matthew 1918 elephant shrew
 Insectivora - Apatemyidae
cf. Apatemys sigogneaui8 Russell et al. 1979 insectivoran
 Acreodi - Mesonychidae
Pachyaena cf. gracilis12 Matthew and Granger 1915 condylarth
 Theriiformes - Peradectidae
Peradectes sp.8 Matthew and Granger 1921 metatherian
 Theriiformes - Herpetotheriidae
Peratherium cf. matronense8 Crochet 1979 marsupial
Amphiperatherium maximum8 Crochet 1979 marsupial
 Multituberculata - Neoplagiaulacidae
Neoplagiaulacidae indet.8 Ameghino 1890 multituberculate
 Oxyaenodonta - Oxyaenidae
Palaeonictis gigantea11 de Blainville 1842
Oxyaena sp.9 Cope 1874
MNHN AC656 (LM/1) and MNHN ARP 5