Classification of Sloan 1987

G. †Ectypodus Matthew and Granger 1921
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Ectypodus aphronorus Sloan 1987
G. †Mesodma Jepsen 1940
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Mesodma pygmaea Sloan 1987
G. †Neoplagiaulax Lemoine 1882
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Neoplagiaulax hazeni Jepsen 1940
Neoplagiaulax jepi Sloan 1987
Neoplagiaulax mckennai Sloan 1987
Neoplagiaulax nelsoni Sloan 1987
G. †Parectypodus Jepsen 1930
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Parectypodus sinclairi Simpson 1935
Parectypodus sylviae Rigby, Jr. 1980
G. †Anconodon Jepsen 1940
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Anconodon lewisi Sloan 1987
Anconodon cochranensis Russell 1929
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Invalid names: Ectypodus russelli Simpson 1935 [synonym]