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Abdounia enniskilleni

Chondrichthyes - Carchariniformes - Carcharhinidae

Scyliorhinus enniskilleni was named by White (1956). Its type specimen is BMNH P. 30634, a tooth, and it is not a trace fossil. Its type locality is The Rocks, which is in a Priabonian foreshore claystone in the Yazoo Formation of Alabama.

It was recombined as Abdounia enniskilleni by Maisch et al. (2014).

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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1956Scyliorhinus enniskilleni White pp. 128-130 figs. Figs. 1-19, Plate 11, Fig. 1
1981Scyliorhinus enniskilleni Case p. 62
1981Scyliorhinus enniskilleni Thurmond and Jones p. 60
2014Abdounia enniskilleni Maisch et al. p. 191

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassElasmobranchiiBonaparte 1838
NeoselachiiCompagno 1977
orderCarchariniformes(Compagno 1973)
familyCarcharhinidaeJordan and Evermann 1896
genusAbdouniaCappetta 1980

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Composition: phosphaticsubp
Environment: marinesubp
Locomotion: actively mobileo
Life habit: nektonico
Diet: carnivoreo
Created: 2009-07-21 06:53:24
Modified: 2009-07-21 08:53:24
Source: o = order, subp = subphylum
References: Wagner 2017, Carroll 1988, Hendy et al. 2009

Age range: base of the Lutetian to the top of the Late/Upper Eocene or 47.80000 to 33.90000 Ma

Collections (15 total)

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Lutetian47.8 - 41.3USA (Alabama) Abdounia enniskilleni (13346)
Lutetian - Bartonian47.8 - 38.0USA (Texas) Abdounia enniskilleni (2412)
Bartonian41.3 - 38.0USA (Mississippi) Scyliorhinus enniskilleni (61249)
Bartonian41.3 - 38.0USA (Alabama) Abdounia enniskilleni (205834)
Priabonian38.0 - 33.9USA (South Carolina) Abdounia enniskilleni (202013 202014)
Priabonian38.0 - 33.9USA (Georgia) Abdounia enniskilleni (45640)
Priabonian38.0 - 33.9USA (Alabama) Scyliorhinus enniskilleni (type locality: 45637)
Priabonian38.0 - 33.9USA (Arkansas) Abdounia enniskilleni (45641) Scyliorhinus enniskilleni (16549)
Priabonian38.0 - 33.9USA (Louisiana) Abdounia enniskilleni (75638)
Late/Upper Eocene37.2 - 33.9USA (Georgia) Abdounia enniskilleni (160397 160400) Scyliorhinus enniskilleni (73434)
Late/Upper Eocene37.2 - 33.9USA (Louisiana) Abdounia enniskilleni (163744)