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Mosasauridae (mosasaur)

Reptilia - Squamata - Mosasauridae

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1830Geosaurus mitchilli DeKay
1841Leiodon anceps Owen
1846Liodon anceps Agassiz
1851Amphorosteus brumbyi Gibbes p. 11
1851Leiodon anceps Owen p. 42 figs. plate 9, A
1852Mosasauridae Gervais p. 261
1868Clidastes iguanavus Cope pp. 233
1869Clidastes iguanavus Cope p. 258
1869Clidastidae Cope p. 258
1869Mosasauridae Cope p. 258
1869Mosasaurus mitchillii Cope p. 262
1869Mosasaurus brumbyi Cope p. 264
1870Mosasauridae Cope p. 183
1870Liodon congrops Cope p. 206
1870Clidastes iguanavus Cope p. 220
1870Liodon congrops Cope pp. 271-272
1870Mosasaurus crassidens Marsh p. 2
1871Clidastidae Cope p. 237
1871Mosasauridae Cope p. 237
1873Clidastes iguanavus Leidy p. 281
1873Mosasaurus platyodon Sauvage p. 385
1875Mosasauridae Cope p. 20
1875Liodon mitchillii Cope p. 270
1876Edestosauridae Marsh p. 59
1890Mosasauridae Baur p. 262
1890Mosasauridae Zittel p. 620
1899Mosasauridae Osborn p. 188
1902Mosasauridae Hay p. 464
1902Mosasaurus brumbyi Hay p. 465
1902Mosasaurus crassidens Hay p. 465
1902Clidastes iguanavus Hay p. 467
1902Macrosaurus mitchillii Hay p. 471
1902Tylosaurus congrops Hay p. 472
1924Globidensidae Dollo p. 188
1946Globidentidae Kuhn p. 61
1946Mosasauridae Kuhn p. 61
1954Mosasauridae McDowell and Bogert p. 132
1964Mosasauridae Antunes p. 137
1964Mosasauridae Russell p. 167
1966Mosasauridae Kuhn p. 59
1967Mosasauridae Miller p. 227
1975Mosasauridae Seiffert p. 10
1981Mosasauridae Thurmond and Jones p. 148
1988Mosasauridae Carroll
1988Mosasauridae Wright and Shannon p. 102
1995Mosasauridae Lingham-Soliar
2000Mosasauridae Lee and Caldwell
2002Mosasauridae Lindgren and Siverson
2002Mosasauridae Nicholls and Meckert p. 1593
2005Mosasauridae Bardet et al.
2005Mosasauridae Bell and Polcyn p. 178
2007Mosasauridae Buchy et al.
2007Mosasauridae Cuthbertson et al.
2008Mosasauridae Polcyn and Everhart p. 14
2008Mosasauridae Schulp et al. p. 1
2010Mosasauridae Konishi et al.
2012Mosasauridae Karl and Nyhuis
2012Mosasauridae Konishi et al.
2015Mosasauridae Reeder et al.
2017Mosasauridae Otero et al.

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
SauriaGauthier 1984
Lepidosauromorpha(Benton 1983)
ToxicoferaVidal and Hedges 2005

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

E. D. Cope 1869The vertebrae without the zygosphen articulation; the pterygoids in contact on the median line; (?) a postparietal arch.
E. D. Cope 1869 (Clidastidae)The vertebrae with the zygosphen articulation; the pterygoids free on the internal and external margins; no (?) postparietal arch
S. B. McDowell and C. M. Bogert 1954Temporal arch present; frontals fused; descending processes of frontals meeting to underarch olfactory tracts bu tnot separating orbits; pineal foramen present; vertebral central articulations not oblique; hyperphalangy present; no sacrum; interclavicle absent or reduced; pelvis much reduced; cervical vertebrae seven; palatine toothless, pterygoid strongly toothed; quadrate massive, surrounding the columella auris of the stapes; muzzle long and pointed, the nasal fused to the premaxilla; teeth secondarily thecodont, lodged in an uncompartmented groove.
No measurements are available
Composition: phosphaticsubp
Environment: terrestrialsubc
Locomotion: actively mobilec
Life habit: aquaticf
Diet: carnivoref
Vision: well-developedf
Reproduction: ovoviviparousf
Created: 2018-01-05 16:32:54
Modified: 2018-01-05 16:32:54
Source: f = family, subc = subclass, c = class, subp = subphylum
References: Gervais 1852, Carroll 1988, Hendy et al. 2009

Age range: base of the Tithonian to the top of the Late/Upper Maastrichtian or 152.10000 to 66.00000 Ma

Collections (416 total)

Oldest occurrences

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Late/Upper Kimmeridgian155.7 - 150.8Germany (Bayern) Leptosaurus pulchellus (59175 181424)
Late/Upper Kimmeridgian155.7 - 150.8France Leptosaurus pulchellus (24426)
Tithonian152.1 - 145.0Germany (Bayern) Leptosaurus pulchellus (181425)
Early/Lower Tithonian150.8 - 145.0Germany (Bayern) Leptosaurus neptunius (181426)
Early/Lower Tithonian150.8 - 145.0France (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur) Leptosaurus pulchellus (35262)
Cretaceous145.0 - 66.0USA (South Carolina) Mosasaurus sp. (107399)
Cretaceous145.0 - 66.0New Zealand (Canterbury) Liodon haumuriensis (101409)
Cretaceous145.0 - 66.0USA (Kansas) Liodon ictericus (199538) Liodon mudgei, Clidastes cineriarum (199541)
Cretaceous145.0 - 66.0Uzbekistan Mosasauridae indet. (39883)
Cretaceous145.0 - 66.0USA (Colorado) Clidastes sp. (107401) Mosasauridae indet. (107402)

Youngest occurrences

Time interval Ma Country or state PBDB collection number
Late/Upper Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0Belgium (Limburg) Mosasaurus hoffmanni (51521)
Late/Upper Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0USA (South Dakota) Mosasaurus hoffmanni (194136)
Late/Upper Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0Netherlands (Limburg) Mosasauridae indet., Mosasaurus hoffmanni, Carinodens belgicus, Prognathodon sectorius, Prognathodon saturator, Plioplatecarpus marshi (138726) Mosasaurus hoffmanni, Megalosaurus bucklandi (67133)
Late/Upper Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0USA (California) Halisaurus sp. (192042) Plotosaurus bennisoni (96736)
Late/Upper Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0Canada (Nunavut) Mosasauridae indet. (118411)
Late/Upper Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0Denmark Mosasaurus sp. (140269) Mosasaurus sp., Plioplatecarpus sp. (140268) Plioplatecarpus sp., Mosasauridae indet. (140267)
Late/Upper Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0Jordan Clidastes sp., Platecarpus sp., Tylosaurus indet., Mosasauridae indet., Mosasaurus hoffmanni, Liodon anceps (170239)
Late/Upper Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0France (Basse-Normandie) Prognathodon sp. (142087 142088)
Late/Upper Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0Morocco (Chaouia-Ouardigha) Prognathodon sp., Mosasauridae indet. (92203)
Late/Upper Maastrichtian - Early/Lower Paleocene70.6 - 61.7USA (New Jersey) Mosasaurus sp., Plioplatecarpus sp., Mosasauridae indet., Halisaurus platyspondylus, Mosasaurus maximus (26819)