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Reptilia - Testudines - Testudinidae

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Synonymy list
YearName and author
1788Testudinidae Batsch
1830Testudinites sellovii Weiss p. 293
1842Testudinidae Owen p. 160
1868Emys sombrerensis Leidy p. 180
1869Testudinidae Gray p. 166
1871Testudinidae Cope p. 236
1873Testudinidae Leidy p. 339
1875Testudinidae Cope p. 16
1875Testudo undata Cope p. 994
1875Testudo klettiana Cope p. 995
1875Testudo undata Cope p. 995
1884Testudo quadratus Cope
1886Caryoderma Cope
1887Testudo paranensis Scalabrini
1889Caryoderma Cope p. 662
1889Testudinidae Lydekker p. 71
1889Testudo formosa Moreno
1892Testudo pertenius Cope
1893Testudinidae Baur p. 675
1893Testudo laticaudata Cope
1893Testudo pertenuis Cope
1898Testudinidae Gadow p. 20
1898Xerobates undata Gilbert
1902Gopherus atascosae Hay
1902Testudo atascosae Hay
1902Testudinidae Hay p. 449
1902Testudo klettiana Hay p. 451
1902Testudo laticaudata Hay p. 451
1902Testudo pertenuis Hay p. 451
1902Testudo quadrata Hay p. 451
1902Testudo undata Hay p. 452
1903Stylemys calaverensis Sinclair
1906Testudinidae Andrews p. 277
1906Testudo peragrans Hay p. 15
1906Testudo exornata Lambe p. 187 figs. Pl. 3:1-3
1908Testudinidae Lambe
1908Testudo exornata Lambe
1916Gopherus praecedens Hay
1916Testudo luciae Hay
1916Testudo ocalana Hay
1916Testudo hayi Sellards
1917Testudo equicomes Hay p. 41
1923Testudo annae Hay p. 113
1923Testudo francisi Hay p. 116
1923Chelys patagonica Wieland
1929Testudo louisekressmani Wark
1935Testudo castrensis Bergounioux
1946Testudo quadratus Gilmore p. 309
1946Testudinidae Kuhn p. 58
1950Gopherus hayi Williams
1950Gopherus ocalana Williams p. 70
1953Testudinidae Stirton p. 612
1957Geochelone luciae Ray
1957Geochelone ocalana Ray
1957Gopherus hayi Ray
1962Geochelone (Hesperotestudo) equicomes Auffenberg p. 630
1963Geochelone (Caudochelys) hayi Auffenberg p. 78
1963Geochelone (Hesperotestudo) equicomes Auffenberg p. 91
1963Geochelone (Caudochelys) laticaudata Auffenberg p. 93
1963Stylemys calaverensis Auffenberg p. 95
1964Stylemys calaverensis Auffenberg p. 323
1964Testudinidae Estes p. 99
1966Testudinidae Kuhn p. 26
1967Geochelone sombrerensis Auffenberg
1970Testudinidae Estes and Berberian p. 5
1974Chelonoidis sellowi Auffenberg
1974Chelonoidis sombrerensis Auffenberg
1975Testudinidae Gaffney p. 429
1977Testudinidae Antunes and de Broin
1977Hadrianus castrensis de Broin
1981Testudinidae Thurmond and Jones p. 123
1982Gopherus praecedens Bramble p. 854
1986Testudinidae Meylan and Auffenberg p. 280
1988Testudinidae Carroll
1996Testudinidae Frank and Ramus
2000Testudinidae Meylan and Sterrer
2002Testudinidae Lapparent de Broin
2003Testudinidae Hervet
2003Testudinidae Takahashi et al.
2004Testudinidae Hutchison et al. p. 42
2004Testudinidae Joyce et al.
2007Testudinidae Karl p. 56
2007Testudinidae Staesche et al.
2008Testudinidae Böhme p. 168
2009Testudinidae Manzano et al.
2013Testudinidae Pérez-García et al.
2013Floridemys hurdi Weems and George
2013Testudinidae Zacarias et al.
2014Testudinidae Vlachos et al.
2014Testudinidae van Dijk et al.
2015Chelonoidis sombrerensis Rhodin et al.
2015Testudinidae Vlachos et al.
2016Testudinidae Garcia et al.
2016Testudinidae Vlachos and Delfino
2016Testudinidae Vlachos and Tsoukala
2017Testudinidae Pérez-García et al.
2017Testudinidae Turvey et al.
2018Testudinidae Vlachos
2018Testudinidae de la Fuente et al.

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassDipnotetrapodomorpha(Nelson 2006)
Testudinata(Oppel 1811)
orderTestudinesBatsch 1788
familyTestudinidaeBatsch 1788
familyTestudinidaeBatsch 1788

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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Composition: phosphaticsubp
Environment: terrestrialf
Locomotion: actively mobilec
Life habit: ground dwellingf
Diet: herbivoref
Diet 2: herbivoref
Reproduction: oviparousf
Comments: life habit and diet based on Ernst and Barbour 1989 and matches Uetz 2005 f
Created: 2005-08-26 07:16:55
Modified: 2005-09-09 16:16:46
Source: f = family, c = class, subp = subphylum
References: Carroll 1988, Ernst and Barbour 1989, Hendy et al. 2009

Age range

Maximum range based only on fossils: base of the Early/Lower Paleocene to the top of the Holocene or 66.00000 to 0.00000 Ma
Minimum age of oldest fossil (stem group age): 61.7 Ma

Collections (1034 total)

Oldest occurrences

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Early/Lower Paleocene66.0 - 61.7China (Anhui) Anhuichelys siaoshihensis (132946 140377 179035)
Tertiary66.0 - 2.588China (Hubei) Testudo kalganensis (192670)
Middle Paleocene61.7 - 58.7China (Anhui) Anhuichelys doumuensis (179041 179042) Anhuichelys sp. (132945 179044) Anhuichelys sp., Anhuichelys tsienshanensis (179025 179038) Anhuichelys tsienshanensis (132942 179036 179037 179039 179040) Anhuichelys tsienshanensis, Anhuichelys doumuensis (132939)
Middle Paleocene61.7 - 58.7China (Hubei) Anhuichelys xinzhouensis (178873)
Thanetian59.2 - 56.0Belgium (Liege) Platysternidae indet. (193460)
Ypresian56.0 - 47.8France (Aude) Testudininei indet., Palaeoemys testudiniformis, Palaeoemys occitana, Juvemys labarrerei, Achilemys cassouleti (78236)
Ypresian56.0 - 47.8United Kingdom (England) Homopus comptoni (167274)
Ypresian56.0 - 47.8France (Champagne-Ardenne) Palaeoemys sp., Hadrianus sp. (73387)
Ypresian56.0 - 47.8France (Marne) Hadrianus sp. (35539 35540 181653)
Ypresian - Lutetian56.0 - 41.3France (Occitanie) Testudinidae indet. (195457)
Eocene56.0 - 33.9Spain (Aragon) Testudo sp. (39017)
Eocene56.0 - 33.9Spain (Catalonia) Testudo sp. (38980 39015 39016)
Eocene - Early/Lower Miocene56.0 - 15.97France (Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées) Testudo phosphoritarum (179194)
Wasatchian55.8 - 50.3Canada (Northwest Territories) Geochelone sp. (15583)
Early/Lower Eocene55.8 - 48.6France (Aude) Palaeoemys sp., Achilemys cassouleti (182641)
MP 1055.8 - 48.6France (Picardie) Hadrianus sp. (68440)
MP 1148.6 - 40.4Germany (Hessen) Juvemys sp., Testudo sp. (22701)
Irdinmanhan48.6 - 37.2China (Nei Mongol) Testudo sp. (182111)
Middle Eocene48.6 - 37.2China (Nei Mongol) Testudo sp., Testudo sharanensis (174962)
Middle Eocene48.6 - 37.2Mongolia Testudo ulanensis (127656)