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Chondrichthyes - Myliobatiformes - Dasyatidae

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1810Dasyatis Rafinesque
1860Alexandrinum Molin
1902Dasyatis Hay p. 319
1963Dasyatis Jordan p. 604
1966Dasyatis Casier p. 91
1968Dasyatis Jonet p. 247
1981Dasyatis Thurmond and Jones p. 74
1987Dasyatis Cappetta p. 163
1989Dasyatis Bryant p. 13
1993Dasyatis Cvancara and Hoganson p. 10
1996Dasyatis Dica et al. p. 120
1999Dasyatis Underwood et al. p. 294
2001Dasyatis Purdy et al. p. 90
2002Dasyatis Sepkoski, Jr.
2005Dasyatis Tabuce et al. p. 387
2006Dasyatis Balbino and Antunes p. 748
2009Dasyatis Cicimurri and Knight p. 637
2018Dasyatis Kent p. 126

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phylumChordataHaeckel 1847
subclassElasmobranchiiBonaparte 1838
NeoselachiiCompagno 1977
orderMyliobatiformesCompagno 1973
familyDasyatidaeJordan 1888
genusDasyatisRafinesque 1810

If no rank is listed, the taxon is considered an unranked clade in modern classifications. Ranks may be repeated or presented in the wrong order because authors working on different parts of the classification may disagree about how to rank taxa.

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Composition: phosphaticsubp
Environment: marinesubp
Locomotion: actively mobileo
Life habit: nektobenthico
Diet: carnivoreo
Created: 2009-07-21 07:05:51
Modified: 2009-07-21 09:05:51
Source: o = order, subp = subphylum
References: Wagner 2017, Carroll 1988, Hendy et al. 2009

Age range

Maximum range based only on fossils: base of the Hauterivian to the top of the Rancholabrean or 132.90000 to 0.01200 Ma
Minimum age of oldest fossil (stem group age): 129.4 Ma

Collections (140 total)

Oldest occurrences

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Hauterivian132.9 - 129.4United Kingdom D. speetonensis (66420)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0India (Andhra Pradesh) D. sp. (58101 122240)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0USA (Maryland) D. sp. (83331)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Bolivia (Cochabamba) D. branisai, D. molinoensis, D. schaefferi (12855)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0India (Maharashtra) D. sp. (58102 60397)
Late/Upper Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0USA (New Jersey) D. newegyptensis (61807)
Late/Upper Maastrichtian70.6 - 66.0USA (Texas) D. commercensis (61738)
Puercan66.0 - 63.3USA (Wyoming) D. sp. (14729 14730)
Early/Lower Paleocene66.0 - 61.7USA (New Jersey) D. crosswickense (62840)
Danian66.0 - 61.6USA (Arkansas) D. sp., D. hexagonalis (206776)
Danian66.0 - 61.6Morocco D. hexagonalis (137839) D. hexagonalis, D. tetraedra (137838)
Thanetian59.2 - 56.0Morocco D. ponsi (86295) D. sp. (71234)
Late/Upper Paleocene58.7 - 55.8USA (Mississippi) D. tricuspidatus (62872)
Late/Upper Paleocene - Early/Lower Eocene58.7 - 48.6India D. sp. (91316)
Ypresian56.0 - 47.8India D. rafinesquei (91315)
Ypresian56.0 - 47.8India (Gujarat) D. sp. (71438)
Ypresian56.0 - 47.8India (Himachal Pradesh) D. vicaryi (31269) D. vicaryi, D. rafinesquei (31267)
Ypresian56.0 - 47.8India (Uttarakhand) D. rafinesquei (91312)
Ypresian56.0 - 47.8United Kingdom (England) D. davisi (13299) D. wochadunensis (91358)
Eocene56.0 - 33.9Pakistan D. charlisae (79971)