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Nilssonia serotina


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Age range: base of the Albian to the top of the Maastrichtian or 113.00000 to 66.00000 Ma

Collections (15 total)

Time interval Ma Country or state Original ID and collection number
Early/Lower Cretaceous145.0 - 100.5Canada (British Columbia) Nilssonia serotina (31384)
Albian113.0 - 100.5USA (Alaska) Nilssonia serotina (34300)
Albian - Cenomanian113.0 - 93.9Russian Federation Nilssonia serotina (34627 34771 34775 34794 34796 34798 34799 34800 34801)
Albian - Cenomanian113.0 - 93.9USA (Alaska) Nilssonia serotina (34194)
Coniacian - Campanian89.8 - 72.1Canada (British Columbia) Nilssonia serotina (35174 35213)
Maastrichtian72.1 - 66.0Canada (Alberta) Nilssonia serotina (35245)