Infraorder Aeluroida Flynn and Galiano 1982 (carnivoran)

Mammalia - Carnivora

Full reference: J. J. Flynn and H. Galiano. 1982. Phylogeny of early Tertiary Carnivora, with a description of a new species of Protictis from the middle Eocene of northwestern Wyoming. American Museum Novitates 2725:1-64

Parent taxon: Feliformia according to J. J. Flynn and H. Galiano 1982

Sister taxa: Aeluroidea, Alagtsavbaatar, Asiavorator, Didymictida, Feloidea, Nandiniidae, Nimravidae, Prionodon

Subtaxa: Ictidopappus Viverravoidea

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Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore-omnivore


• Miocene of France (4 collections), Germany (2), Greece (1), United States (2: Nebraska, South Dakota)

• Harrisonian of United States (3: Florida, Nebraska)

• Arikareean of United States (3: Florida, Nebraska, Wyoming)

• Oligocene to Miocene of China (1)

• Oligocene of Canada (1: Saskatchewan), China (1), France (6), Mongolia (7), United States (17: Colorado, Florida, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming)

• Eocene of United States (2: Montana, Wyoming)

• Paleocene of United States (1: Montana)

Total: 51 collections including 55 occurrences

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