†family Ignotornidae Lockley et al. 1992 (bird)

Aves - Ignotornidae

Full reference: M. G. Lockley, S.Y. Yang, M. Matsukawa, F. Fleming, and S.K. Lim. 1992. The track record of Mesozoic birds: evidence and implications. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Series B: Biological Sciences 336:113-134

Parent taxon: Aves according to L. G. Buckley et al. 2016

See also Kim et al. 2006, Kim et al. 2012, Lockley et al. 2006 and Lockley et al. 1992

Sister taxa: Accipitriformes, Aegotheliformes, Archaeornithipus, Archornithes, Avimimiformes, Avipedidae, Barrosopus, Bucerotiformes, Cariamae, Chaoyangornithidae, Charadriiformes, Dolichopterus, Dromiceiidae, Eoaves, Eociconia, Eupterornis remensis, Eurhipidura, Gansuiformes, Gastornithiformes, Gobioolithidae, Gruipeda, Jeholornis, Jeholornithiformes, Jindongornipodidae, Jixiangornis, Koreanaornipodidae, Kuszholiidae, Liaoxiornithidae, Limiavipedidae, Loncornis, Longipennes, Manu, Metornithes, Micropodiformes, Mirandornithes, Moguiornipes, Musophagiformes, Mystiornithiformes, Odontoglossae, Odontornithes, Omnivoropterygiformes, Pachycorioolithidae, Palaeoaves, Paludicolae, Pangalliformes, Pansphenisciformes, Parvoolithus, Patagonichnornis, Platanavis, Praeornithes, Proherodius, Proherodius oweni, Proornis, Protoaviformes, Protopelargus, Protornis, Psittacopedidae, Pumiliornis, Pygostylia, Qianshanornithidae, Sauriurae, Shandongornipodidae, Shenzhouraptor, Suliformes, Tantalatos, Tantaleus, Tatarornipes, Telmatoformes, Teracus, Tshulia, Uhangrichnus

Subtaxa: Goseongornipes Hwangsanipes Ignotornis

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Type: Ignotornis

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore


• Cretaceous of China (1 collection), South Korea (4), United States (4: Alaska, Colorado)

Total: 9 collections including 10 occurrences

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