Trachemys Agassiz 1857 (slider)

Reptilia - Testudines - Panemydidae

Synonyms: Callichelys Gray 1863, Redamia Gray 1870

Full reference: L. Agassiz. 1857. Contributions to the Natural History of the United States of America. First Monograph. Vol. I. Part I. Essay on Classi cation. Part II. North American Testudinata. 1-452

Parent taxon: Emydidae according to S. R. May 2019

See also de Broin and de la Fuente 1993, de la Fuente et al. 2014, de la Fuente et al. 2018, Ernst and Barbour 1989, Frank and Ramus 1996, Hay 1902, Jasinski 2018, Parham et al. 2008, Seidel and Smith 1986, van Dijk et al. 2014, Vlachos 2018 and Weems and George 2001

Sister taxa: Batagurinae, Callagur, Chelonemys, Chelopus, Chinemys, Chrysemys, Chrysemys inflata, Chrysemys isoni, Chrysemys limnodytes, Cistudo, Clemmys hutchensorum, Clemmys saxea, Deirochelyinae, Deirochelys, Deirochelys floridana, Emydinae, Emydoidea, Emydoidea hutchisoni, Emys, Epiemys, Glyptemys, Graptemys, Grayemys, Hieremys, Hybemys, Lyssemys, Malacoclemmys, Palaeotheca, Polyechmatemys, Pseudemys, Pseudemys bisornatus, Pseudemys caelata, Pseudemys extincta, Pseudemys hillii, Pseudochrysemys, Pseudograptemys, Pyxidea, Sakya, Senryuemys, Shansiemys, Sharemys, Terrapene

Subtaxa: Trachemys adiutrix Trachemys antiqua Trachemys callirostris Trachemys decorata Trachemys decussata Trachemys dorbigni Trachemys emolli Trachemys gaigeae Trachemys grayi Trachemys haugrudi Trachemys jarmani Trachemys nebulosa Trachemys ornata Trachemys scripta Trachemys sculpta Trachemys stejnegeri Trachemys taylori Trachemys terrapen Trachemys trulla Trachemys venusta Trachemys yaquia

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Ecology: aquatic omnivore


• Quaternary of Argentina (4 collections), Brazil (1), Mexico (1), Panama (2), United States (11: Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Texas)

• Blancan of Mexico (1), United States (1: Florida)

• Hemphillian of United States (4: Florida, Indiana, Tennessee)

• Miocene of Mexico (1), United States (1: Texas)

• Oligocene of United States (1: Virginia)

• Eocene of United States (1: South Dakota)

Total: 29 collections including 33 occurrences

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