†family Kuskokwimiidae Frýda and Blodgett 2001 (snail)

Gastropoda - Heterobranchia - Kuskokwimiidae

Full reference: J. Frýda and R. B. Blodgett. 2001. The oldest known heterobranch gastropod, Kuskokwimia gen. nov., from the Early Devonian of west-cetnral Alaska, with notes on the early phylogeny of higher gastropods. Bulletin of the Czech Geological Survey 76(1):39-53

Parent taxon: Heterobranchia according to J. Frýda and R. B. Blodgett 2001

Sister taxa: Architectonicoidea, Doridoidea, Nerineoidea, Omalogyroidea, Pyramidelloidea, Rissoelloidea, Valvatoidea

Subtaxa: Kuskokwimia

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Ecology: epifaunal carnivore

Distribution: found only at 83RB9, south flank of Limestone Mountain (Devonian of Alaska)

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