Subfamily Phocoeninae Gray 1825 (porpoise)

Mammalia - Cetacea - Phocoenidae

Alternative spellings: Phocaeninae, Phocininae

Full reference: J. E. Gray. 1825. An outline of an attempt at the disposition of Mammalia into Tribes and Families, with a list of genera apparently appertaining to each Tribe. Annals of Philosophy, new series 10:337-344

Parent taxon: Phocoenidae according to R. Foekens 2008

See also Abel 1905, Barnes 1984, Barnes 1985, Barnes et al. 1985, Bianucci and Landini 2007, Brandt 1874, Fordyce and Barnes 1994, Fordyce et al. 1995, Fordyce and de Muizon 2001, Fraser and Purves 1960, Kasuya 1973, McKenna and Bell 1997, Vidal 1991 and Weber 1928

Sister taxa: Archaeophocaena, Australithax, Brabocetus, Haborophocoena, Lomacetus, Loxolithax, Miophocaena, Neophocaena, Numataphocoena, Phocoena, Phocoenoides, Phocoenoidinae, Piscolithax, Pterophocaena, Salumiphocaena, Semirostrum, Septemtriocetus

Subtaxa: Leucodelphini

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Ecology: aquatic piscivore

Distribution: found only at Santa Rosalia, Pliocene (Pliocene of Mexico)

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