†family Phyllodontidae Sauvage 1875 (ray-finned fish)

Actinopteri - Elopiformes - Phyllodontidae

Parent taxon: Elopiformes according to J. A. Ebersole et al. 2019

See also Bryant 1989, Case and Schwimmer 1988, Casier 1966, Cvancara and Hoganson 1993, Estes and Berberian 1970, Estes and Hiatt 1978, Otero et al. 2015, Peng et al. 2001 and Weems 1999

Sister taxa: Antofagastaichthys, Carsothrissops, Coryphaenopsis, Davichthys, Echinelops, Eichstaettia, Elopidae, Elopoidei, Flindersichthys, Lyrolepis, Megalopidae, Ostariostoma, Protostomias, Tachynectes

Subtaxa: Egertonia Paralbula Paralbulinae Phyllodontinae Phyllodus

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Ecology: nektonic carnivore


• Miocene of United States (2: New Jersey, Texas collections)

• Eocene of the United Kingdom (10), United States (10: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia)

• Paleocene of United States (2: Montana, Virginia)

• Cretaceous to Paleogene of United States (2: Arkansas, New Jersey)

• Cretaceous of Canada (55: Alberta, Saskatchewan), France (4), Jordan (1), Mexico (1), Spain (3), Syria (3), United States (27: Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Wyoming)

Total: 120 collections including 145 occurrences

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