Subclass Dipnoi Müller 1884 (lungfish)

Osteichthyes - Dipnoi

Alternative spelling: Dipnoa

Parent taxon: Sarcopterygii according to R. B. Irmis 2005

See also Bryant 1932, Chang and Wang 1995, Clack et al. 2019, Clement 2009, Clement 2012, Clement and Long 2010, Cuny and Ramboer 1991, Daly 1973, Dineley and Metcalf 1999, Friedman and Daeschler 2006, Gadow 1898, Gardiner 1982, Goodwin et al. 1999, Hay 1902, Heckert 2004, Jaekel 1911, Johanson and Ritchie 2000, Kemp 2000, Long 1987, Long 1992, Long and Campbell 1985, Long et al. 1994, Louys and Price 2015, Miles 1977, Pardo et al. 2010, Qiao and Zhu 2009, Qiao and Zhu 2015, Reisz et al. 2004, Säve-Söderbergh 1934, Schultze 1993, Schultze 2001, Schultze 2004, Shimada and Kirkland 2011, Smithson et al. 2016, Vorobyeva and Obruchev 1964 and Young and Schultze 2005

Sister taxa: Achoania, Akinetia, Coelacanthimorpha, Dipnotetrapodomorpha, Guiyu, Lepidosireniformes, Ligulalepis, Onychodontia, Onychodontiformes, Osteolepiformes, Psarolepis, Rhipidistia, Rhizodontida, Youngolepis

Subtaxa: Adelargo Amadeodipterus Apatorhynchus Arganodontidae Ballagadus Cathlorhynchus Celsiodon Ceratodonti Ceratodontidae Chirodipteroidea Coccovedus Ctenodontoidei Ctenodus Devonesteus Devonosteus Dipnoiformes Dipnorhynchina Dipnorhynchoidei Dipteri Dipterida Dipteroidei Dongshanodus Ferganoceratodus Gnathorhizidae Gosfordia Harajicadipterus Holodipterida Jessenia Limanichthys Megapleuron Melanognathus Nielsenia Occludus Oervigia Persephonichthys Pinnalongus Proceratodus Protoceratodontidae Protopteri Ptychoceratodontidae Rhinodipteridae Sagenodontidae Sinodipterus Sirenoidei Speonesydrionidae Speonesydrionina Speonysedrion Synthetodus Tarachomylax Uranolophina Uronemoidei Westollrhynchus Xylognathus

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