Ceratodus Agassiz 1838 (lungfish)

Osteichthyes - Dipnoi - Ceratodontidae

Full reference: L. Agassiz. 1838. Recherches Sur Les Poissons Fossiles. Tome III (livr. 11). Imprimérie de Petitpierre, Neuchatel 73-140

Parent taxon: Ceratodontidae according to C. S. Churcher and G. De Iuliis 2001

See also Agnolin et al. 2018, Cione 1987, Hay 1902, Kirkland 1987, Martin 1979, Martin 1981, Martin 1982, Miles 1977, Murry 1986, Schultze 1993, Schultze 2004, Shimada and Kirkland 2011 and Stensiö 1921

Sister taxa: Ariguna, Ceratodontinae, Epiceratodus, Lupaceradotus, Metaceratodus, Microceratodus, Paraceratodus, Tellerodus

Subtaxa: Ceratodus altus Ceratodus americanus Ceratodus arenaceus Ceratodus avus Ceratodus bovisrivi Ceratodus brasiliensis Ceratodus bucobaensis Ceratodus capensis Ceratodus carinatus Ceratodus casieri Ceratodus cloacinus Ceratodus curvus Ceratodus daedaleus Ceratodus disauris Ceratodus diutinus Ceratodus elegans Ceratodus emarginatus Ceratodus facetidens Ceratodus favosus Ceratodus felchi Ceratodus frazieri Ceratodus gibbus Ceratodus guentheri Ceratodus guilielmi Ceratodus gustasoni Ceratodus heshanggouensis Ceratodus heteromorphus Ceratodus hislopianus Ceratodus humei Ceratodus hunterianus Ceratodus iheringi Ceratodus jechartiensis Ceratodus kannemeyeri Ceratodus kaupi Ceratodus kaupii Ceratodus kempae Ceratodus kirklandi Ceratodus kranzi Ceratodus kurrii Ceratodus latissimus Ceratodus madagascariensis Ceratodus madelungi Ceratodus minor Ceratodus minutus Ceratodus molossus Ceratodus nageshwarai Ceratodus nargun Ceratodus nirumbee Ceratodus obtusus Ceratodus orenburgensis Ceratodus palaeoruncinatus Ceratodus palmatus Ceratodus parvus Ceratodus paucicristatus Ceratodus pectinatus Ceratodus phillipsi Ceratodus planasper Ceratodus planus Ceratodus priscus Ceratodus protopteroides Ceratodus rectangularis Ceratodus recticristatus Ceratodus robustus Ceratodus runcinatus Ceratodus shenmuensis Ceratodus stewarti Ceratodus trapezoides Ceratodus tuberculatus Ceratodus tunuensis Ceratodus vinslovii Ceratodus weissmanni Ceratodus wollastoni Ceratodus youngi Ceratodus yuanjianhensis

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Type: Ceratodus latissimus



• Paleocene to Eocene of Peru (1 collection)

• Paleocene of Saudi Arabia (1)

• Cretaceous of Algeria (6), Argentina (3), Australia (4), Bolivia (1), Egypt (4), Madagascar (1), Mali (2), Morocco (3), Niger (11), Spain (1), Sudan (2), United States (14: Maryland, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Texas, Utah, Wyoming)

• Jurassic of Mongolia (1), Niger (1), the Russian Federation (1), South Africa (1), the United Kingdom (1), United States (12: Colorado, Oklahoma, Wyoming), Uruguay (1)

• Triassic of Australia (3), France (2), Germany (11), Greenland (1), India (2), Luxembourg (1), the Russian Federation (6), Saudi Arabia (1), Svalbard and Jan Mayen (1), Switzerland (4), the United Kingdom (9), United States (4: Arizona, Nevada, Texas)

Total: 117 collections including 138 occurrences

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