Superfamily Physeteroidea Gray 1868 (toothed whale)

Mammalia - Cetacea

Full reference: J. E. Gray. 1868. Synopsis of the species of whales and dolphins in the Collection of the British Museum 1-10

Parent taxon: Odontoceti according to A. Collareta et al. 2017

See also Agnarsson and May-Collado 2008, Barnes et al. 1985, Berta 2017, Bianucci et al. 2011, Bianucci and Landini 2006, Bianucci and Landini 2007, Bloodworth and Odell 2008, Boersma and Pyenson 2015, Canto et al. 2010, Carone and Marra 2014, Fordyce and Barnes 1994, Fordyce et al. 1995, Fordyce and de Muizon 2001, Fraser and Purves 1960, Geisler et al. 2011, Geisler and Sanders 2003, Gill 1872, Gingerich 2005, Gondar 1974, Hampe 2006, Hirota and Barnes 1995, Kasuya 1973, Kazár 2002, Lambert 2008, Lambert et al. 2010, Marx et al. 2016, McKenna and Bell 1997, Piazza et al. 2019, Reumer et al. 2017, Rice 1998, Rice 2002, Rice 2009, Simpson 1945, Uhen et al. 2008, Velez-Juarbe et al. 2015, Velez-Juarbe et al. 2016 and Whitmore and Kaltenbach 2008

Sister taxa: Acrodelphinidae, Agorophiidae, Agorophioidea, Agriocetus, Argyrocetus, Ashleycetidae, Atropatenocetus, Balaenodon, Belosphys, Cetophis, Champsodelphis, Chilcacetus, Colophonodon, Delphinapterus orcinus, Delphinida, Delphinoceti, Delphinodon mento, Delphinopsis, Delphinorhynchus, Delphinus baltringii, Delphinus restitutensis, Delphinus vanzelleri, Dinoziphius, Ediscetus, Eurhinodelphinida, Eurhinodelphis minoensis, Eurhinodelphis sassariensis, Graphiodon, Helvicetus, Helvicetus rugosus, Hesperocetus, Hesperoinia, Homaeocetus, Homocetus villersii, Hyperoodontoidea, Imerodelphis, Inticetidae, Ixacanthus, Kharthlidelphis, Lonchodelphis, Macrochirifer, Macrodelphinus, Microcetus, Microzeuglodon, Miokogia, Miotursiops, Mirocetidae, Monodon spurius, Monodontoidea, Nannolithax, Neosqualodon, Oligodelphis, Oligosqualodon, Olympicetus, Palaeoziphius, Pandelphinida, Panphyseteroidea, Parapontoporiidae, Parasqualodon, Patriocetidae, Pelodelphis, Phoca debilis, Phoca rugosidens, Phocaenopsis, Phococetus, Physetodon, Platanistida, Platanistoidea, Platydelphis, Pontivaga, Priscodelphinus, Priscodelphinus teres, Priscophyseter, Prolipotes, Prophyseter, Prosqualodon, Proterocetus, Rhabdosteoidea, Rhabdosteus, Rhabodosteus, Sachalinocetus, Saurocetus, Scaptodon, Scaptodon lodderi, Simocetidae, Squaloceti, Squalodelphis pusillus, Squalodon (Microzeuglodon) wingei, Squalodon crassus, Squalodon kelloggi, Squalodon pelagius, Squalodon wymanii, Squalodontoidea, Squaloziphiidae, Stereodelphis, Sulakocetus, Synrhina, Tretosphys, Tretosphys uraeus, Uncamentodon, Xenorophidae, Zignodelphinidae, Ziphioidea, Susoidea

Subtaxa: Acrophyseter Albicetus Aulophyseter rionegrensis Brygmophyseter Eudelphis Ferecetotherium Hoplocetus Kogiidae Livyatan Physeterida Physeteridae Preaulophyseter Scaldicetus Zygophyseter

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Ecology: aquatic carnivore

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