†family Agriochoeridae Leidy 1869 (agriochoerid)

Mammalia - Ungulata - Agriochoeridae

Full reference: J. Leidy. 1869. The extinct mammalian fauna of Dakota and Nebraska, including an account of some allied forms from other localities, together with a synopsis of the mammalian remains of North America. Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia 2:1-472

Parent taxon: Oreodontoidea according to W. B. Scott 1940

See also Carroll 1988, Emery et al. 2016, Ferrusquia-Villafranca 1969, Hay 1902, Lambe 1908, Matthew 1908, McKenna and Bell 1997 and Thewissen et al. 2001

Sister taxa: none

Subtaxa: Agriochoerinae Agriochoerus Diplobunops Protoreodon Protoreodontinae

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Type: Agriochoerus

Ecology: scansorial herbivore


• Miocene of United States (1: Montana collection)

• Arikareean of United States (6: Nebraska, Oregon, South Dakota)

• Oligocene of Canada (3: Saskatchewan), United States (14: Montana, Oregon, South Dakota)

• Eocene to Oligocene of United States (1: Utah)

• Eocene of Canada (5: Saskatchewan), Mexico (1), United States (113: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wyoming)

Total: 144 collections including 169 occurrences

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