†unranked clade Iguanodontia Baur 1891

Reptilia - Neornithischia

This has commonly been cited as having been named by Dollo (1888), since being listed as such in Sereno (1986) with a reference to Hay (1902). But this is incorrect - Dollo named no such group, and Hay was in error, cited presumably without reference back to Dollo (1888) by Sereno (1986). The first known usage of the name is Baur (1891).

Full reference: G. Baur. 1891. Remarks on the reptiles generally called Dinosauria. The American Naturalist 25(293):434-454

Parent taxon: Ornithopoda according to D. Madzia et al. 2018

See also Baur 1891, Benton 1990, Butler et al. 2008, Cooper 1985, Escaso et al. 2014, Galton 2007, Gasulla et al. 2015, Godefroit et al. 1998, Han et al. 2012, Kuhn 1966, Lull 1912, Matthew 1915, Norman 1989, Norman 2004, Norman 2014, Norman and Sues 2000, Prieto-Márquez et al. 2019, Russell 1984, Sachs and Hornung 2006, Sánchez-Hernández et al. 2007, Sereno 1986, Sereno 1997, Sereno 1998, Sereno 1999, Shibata et al. 2011, Shibata et al. 2015, Wang et al. 2017, Weishampel and Heinrich 1992 and Xu et al. 2018

Sister taxa: Anomoepodidae, Bonaparteichnium, Brachypoda, Burianosaurus, Camptosaurichnus, Camptosauropus, Convolosaurus, Dakotasaurus, Diluvicursor, Dinosauropodes, Dolichopoda, Elasmaria, Euornithopoda, Fabrosauria, Gideonmantellia, Gilmoreosaurus arkhangelskyi, Goseongosauripus, Hypsiloichnus, Hypsilophodon wielandi, Iguanodontipodidae, Jiayinosauropus, Kalodontoidea, Laosaurus, Laosaurus celer, Laosaurus minimus, Morrosaurus, Moyenisauropodidae, Ornithopoidea, Othnielia, Phyllodon, Psilotrisauropus, Siluosaurus, Taponichnus, Telosichnus, Tetrapodosauridae, Trachodontoidea, Unespichnium, Walmadanyichnus, Weewarrasaurus, Wintonopus

Subtaxa: Albisaurus Albisaurus scutifer Anoplosaurus major Bihariosaurus Camptosauroidea Dryomorpha Euiguanodontia Fostoria Fulgurotherium Iguanodon anglicus Iguanodon ottingeri Iguanodontoidea Loncosaurus Owenodon Ratchasimasaurus Rhabdodontomorpha Siamodon Sphenospondylus Tenontosaurus Tichosteus Vectisaurus

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