Metopaster Sladen 1893 (sea star)

Asteroidea - Valvatida - Goniasteridae

Synonyms: Dictydaster Mercier 1935, Mitraster Sladen 1893, Ravniaster Brünnich-Nielsen 1943, Spenceria Fourtau 1914

Full reference: W. P. Sladen. 1893. A monograph of the British fossil Echinodermata. The Cretaceous formations. 2- The Asteroidea. Monograph of the Paleontographical Society 2:29-66

Parent taxon: Goniasteridae according to G. Breton and D. Néraudeau 2008

See also Breton 1992, Brünnich-Nielsen 1943, Sepkoski 2002, Sladen 1893 and Spencer and Wright 1966

Sister taxa: Bugarachaster, Buterminaster, Caletaster, Calliaster, Calliderma, Capellia, Cenomanaster, Ceramaster, Chomataster, Cladaster, Codellaster, Comptonia, Comptoniaster, Cottreauaster, Crateraster, Cymbaster, Fayoumaster, Fomalhautia, Forbesiaster, Fredaster, Galbaster, Goniasterinae, Haccourtaster, Hessaster, Hippasteria, Hippasteriinae, Huroeaster, Leptogonium, Marocaster, Mastaster, Mediaster, Miopentagonaster, Nehalemia, Noviaster, Nymphaster, Ocalaster, Ogmaster, Ophryaster, Oyenaster, Pachyaster, Paragonaster, Parametopaster, Peltaster, Pentetagonaster, Pseudarchasterinae, Pulcinellaster, Spenceraster, Sucia, Talecaster, Teichaster, Tesselaster, Tomidaster, Tosia, Tylasteria

Subtaxa: Metopaster alexiae Metopaster andreae Metopaster angulatus Metopaster bezanconi Metopaster bignoti Metopaster bromleyi Metopaster calcar Metopaster carinatus Metopaster chilipora Metopaster continuus Metopaster dividuus Metopaster downendensis Metopaster duvergieri Metopaster elegans Metopaster elevatus Metopaster elongatus Metopaster hunteri Metopaster hypertelicus Metopaster icenicus Metopaster kagstrupensis Metopaster laevis Metopaster lisanae Metopaster loirensis Metopaster maculatus Metopaster medius Metopaster meudonensis Metopaster miloni Metopaster montainvillensis Metopaster parkinsoni Metopaster polyplacus Metopaster poulsenii Metopaster praetumidus Metopaster rugissimus Metopaster schulzi Metopaster spencerii Metopaster stratifera Metopaster tamarae Metopaster teilhardi Metopaster tenneseensis Metopaster tercensis Metopaster thoracifer Metopaster trichilae Metopaster tumidus Metopaster uncatus Ravniaster granulatus

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Type: Goniaster (Goniodiscus) parkinsoni

Ecology: epifaunal detritivore


• Eocene of France (2 collections)

• Paleocene of Denmark (2), the Netherlands (1)

• Cretaceous to Paleogene of the Netherlands (2)

• Cretaceous of Belgium (3), the Czech Republic (5), Egypt (1), France (25), Germany (1), Iran (1), the Netherlands (2), Spain (3), the United Kingdom (2), United States (1: Tennessee)

Total: 51 collections including 89 occurrences

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