Rhynchonella Fischer 1809 (lamp shell)

Rhynchonellata - Rhynchonellida - Rhynchonellidae

Parent taxon: Rhynchonellinae according to A. Williams et al. 2002

See also Perry and Chatterton 1979, Sepkoski 2002 and Stanton 1895

Sister taxa: Choffatirhynchia, Curtirhynchia, Fusirhynchia, Herangirhynchia, Homoeorhynchia, Kabanoviella, Laevigaterhynchia, Lunarhynchia, Planirhynchia, Rhynchonelloidea

Subtaxa: Rhynchonella (Stegerhynchus) Rhynchonella acanthica Rhynchonella acuminata Rhynchonella acutiloba Rhynchonella adrianensis Rhynchonella alontina Rhynchonella arcula Rhynchonella arthaberi Rhynchonella bajociana Rhynchonella blackwelderi Rhynchonella bukowskii Rhynchonella cannabinaeformis Rhynchonella carapezzae Rhynchonella carinthiaca Rhynchonella chanum Rhynchonella cimbrica Rhynchonella concentrostriata Rhynchonella confinensis Rhynchonella corradii Rhynchonella cotilloni Rhynchonella curviceps Rhynchonella cynodon Rhynchonella decipiens Rhynchonella delecta Rhynchonella djeffarae Rhynchonella durangensis Rhynchonella edwardsi Rhynchonella eskiordensis Rhynchonella etalloni Rhynchonella exigua Rhynchonella farciens Rhynchonella fascilla Rhynchonella fuchsii Rhynchonella funiculata Rhynchonella girvaniensis Rhynchonella glossoides Rhynchonella granulum Rhynchonella hemicostata Rhynchonella illyrica Rhynchonella infirma Rhynchonella inflata Rhynchonella jukesi Rhynchonella kaminskii Rhynchonella kirchhoferi Rhynchonella kochigataniensis Rhynchonella krotovi Rhynchonella lacuna Rhynchonella laczkoi Rhynchonella langleti Rhynchonella laurinea Rhynchonella limbata Rhynchonella lingulata Rhynchonella linguligera Rhynchonella liostraca Rhynchonella loxia Rhynchonella loxiae Rhynchonella maudensis Rhynchonella mefaensis Rhynchonella minuta Rhynchonella miquihuanensis Rhynchonella misella Rhynchonella nakajimensis Rhynchonella nauniae Rhynchonella negrii Rhynchonella niobe Rhynchonella nitidula Rhynchonella obesula Rhynchonella obtusifrons Rhynchonella ordinaria Rhynchonella ottomana Rhynchonella parkhillensis Rhynchonella pastrovicchiana Rhynchonella patarena Rhynchonella paucicosta Rhynchonella pauciplicata Rhynchonella phaseolina Rhynchonella pichleri Rhynchonella pinguis Rhynchonella pironiana Rhynchonella pretiosa Rhynchonella pseudoazaisi Rhynchonella pseudopleurodon Rhynchonella psitacea Rhynchonella pupula Rhynchonella pyrenaei Rhynchonella repentina Rhynchonella richardsoni Rhynchonella rivelensis Rhynchonella rochei Rhynchonella rouillieri Rhynchonella royeri Rhynchonella salinasi Rhynchonella scalpellum Rhynchonella schucherti Rhynchonella semiplecta Rhynchonella sosiensis Rhynchonella speetonensis Rhynchonella steinbesi Rhynchonella subacuta Rhynchonella subangulifrons Rhynchonella subdecussata Rhynchonella subregilla Rhynchonella subrimkinensis Rhynchonella subrimosa Rhynchonella subvariabilis Rhynchonella tazerdunensis Rhynchonella tenuistriata Rhynchonella texana Rhynchonella timorensis Rhynchonella tooica Rhynchonella tremensis Rhynchonella tricostata Rhynchonella trilobata Rhynchonella triquetra Rhynchonella tscharkensis Rhynchonella varians Rhynchonella vicaria Rhynchonella vorobievensis Rhynchonella whiteana Rhynchonella whitneyi Rhynchonella wichmanni Rhynchonella withei

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Type: Rhynchonella loxia

Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder


• Paleocene of Denmark (20 collections)

• Cretaceous of Algeria (1), Canada (1: British Columbia), Denmark (7), France (12), Germany (1), Greenland (1), Hungary (1), India (2), Madagascar (6), Mexico (6), Mozambique (2), New Zealand (4), Poland (1), Portugal (7), the Russian Federation (2), Serbia and Montenegro (1), Sweden (2), Switzerland (10), Tunisia (1), the United Kingdom (10), United States (1: California)

• Jurassic to Cretaceous of the Russian Federation (1), United States (1: Alaska)

• Jurassic of Algeria (3), Austria (3), Belgium (1), Bulgaria (1), Canada (7: Alberta, British Columbia), Chile (1), China (1), East Timor (1), Ethiopia (12), France (56), Germany (20), Greenland (20), Hungary (8), India (12), Indonesia (2), Italy (9), Kenya (3), Madagascar (4), Mexico (1), Nepal (1), New Zealand (9), Poland (2), the Russian Federation (19), Serbia and Montenegro (1), Slovakia (1), Spain (3), Tunisia (13), the United Kingdom (9), United States (2: Alaska, California)

• Triassic of Austria (14), Bosnia and Herzegovina (19), Canada (2: British Columbia), Chile (1), China (1), East Timor (3), Germany (1), Hungary (8), India (2), Indonesia (8), Italy (14), Japan (1), Romania (2), the Russian Federation (2), Serbia and Montenegro (3), Slovakia (2), Turkey (3), Ukraine (4), United States (13: Alaska, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah)

• Permian of Austria (1), Bolivia (1), India (1), Indonesia (1), Italy (5), Pakistan (1), Slovenia (1), United States (3: New Mexico, Texas)

• Carboniferous of the United Kingdom (2)

• Devonian of Brazil (4), France (4), Italy (2), Morocco (2), South Africa (1), United States (8: Alaska, Indiana, New York)

• Silurian to Devonian of Mauritania (1), Morocco (2)

• Silurian of Canada (2: Ontario), Mexico (4), Morocco (1), Norway (1), Sweden (5), United States (24: Illinois, Indiana, New York)

• Chazy of Canada (1: Ontario)

Total: 507 collections including 599 occurrences

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