†unranked clade Placodontiformes Neenan et al. 2013 (diapsid)

Reptilia - Sauropterygia

Full reference: J. M. Neenan, N. Klein, and T. M. Scheyer. 2013. European origin of placodont marine reptiles and the evolution of crushing dentition in Placodontia. Nature Communications

Parent taxon: Sauropterygia according to J. M. Neenan et al. 2013

See also Miguel Chaves et al. 2018

Sister taxa: Atopodentatus, Cercidopleura, Dicranopleura, Eosauropterygia, Ischyrosaurus, Microleptosaurus, Nanchangosauroidea, Nothosauria, Nothosauriformes, Nothosauripus, Pistosauria, Simosauria

Subtaxa: Palatodonta Placodontia

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