Clade Lepidosauriformes Gauthier et al. 1988 (crown diapsid)

Reptilia - Eosuchia

Parent taxon: Lepidosauromorpha according to S. Renesto and M. Bernardi 2014

See also Evans 2009

Sister taxa: Anisodontosaurus, Blomosaurus, Coartaredens, Fraxinisaura, Kudnu, Lepidosauria, Marmoretta, Paliguana, Paliguanidae, Saurosternidae, Sophineta

Subtaxa: Kuehneosauridae

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• Jurassic of Portugal (1 collection)

• Triassic of Luxembourg (1), Poland (1), the United Kingdom (12), United States (4: Arizona, New Jersey, New Mexico)

Total: 19 collections each including a single occurrence

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