†family Climacoceratidae Hamilton 1978 (even-toed ungulate)

Mammalia - Ungulata - Climacoceratidae

Alternative spelling: Climacoceridae

Full reference: W. R. Hamilton. 1978. Fossil giraffes from the Miocene of Africa and a revision of the phylogeny of the Giraffoidea. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B 283(996):165-229

Parent taxon: Artiodactyla according to M. Danowitz et al. 2016

See also Hamilton 1978, Harris et al. 2010, Mitchell and Skinner 2003, Morales et al. 1999 and Pickford et al. 2001

Sister taxa: Achaenodontidae, Ancodonta, Antiacodontidae, Antiacodontinae, Booidea, Caenotheriidae, Cainotherioidea, Cetancodontamorpha, Choeropotamoidea, Diacodexeidae, Dichobunoidea, Eolantianus, Eurytheriidae, Haplobunodontidae, Helohyinae, Hsanotherium, Hyodonta, Leptochoerinae, Merycoidodontidae, Merycoidodontoidea, Myanmarius, Neoselenodontia, Nonruminantia, Nothokemadidae, Omnivora, Pantolestoidea, Raphenacodus, Ruminantiamorpha, Suiformes, Suoidea, Tragulohyus, Tylopoda, Whippomorpha, Cetruminantia, Entelodontoidea, Cetancodonta

Subtaxa: Climacoceras Climacoceratinae Prolibytherium Sperrgebietomerycinae

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Ecology: ground dwelling grazer-browser


• Miocene of Egypt (1 collection), Kenya (6), Libya (2), Pakistan (1)

Total: 10 collections each including a single occurrence

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