Lovenia (Lovenia) Fischer 1966 (heart urchin)

Echinoidea - Spatangoida - Loveniidae

Full reference: A. G. Fischer. 1966. Spatangoids. Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology, Part U. Echinodermata. Geological Society of America and University of Kansas Press, Boulder and Lawrence 3(2):U543-U628

Parent taxon: Lovenia according to A. G. Fischer 1966

Sister taxa: Lovenia alabamensis, Lovenia cordiformis, Lovenia dumblei, Lovenia forbesii, Lovenia lorioli, Lovenia madurae, Lovenia mauritanica, Lovenia mexicana, Lovenia vicentina, Lovenia woodsii

Subtaxa: none

Ecology: slow-moving shallow infaunal deposit feeder-detritivore

Distribution: there are no occurrences of Lovenia (Lovenia) in the database

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