†family Testudoolithidae Fang et al. 2003 (turtle)

Reptilia - Testudinata - Testudoolithidae

Full reference: X. Fang, L. Lu, Y. Jiang and L. Yang. 2003. [Cretaceous fossil eggs from the Tiantai basin of Zhejiang, with a discussion on the extinction of dinosaurs]. Geological Bulletin of China 22(7):512-520

Parent taxon: Testudinata according to K. Tanaka et al. 2011

Sister taxa: Amblypus, Ancyropus, Aplax oberndorferi, Australochelyidae, Australochelys, Chelichnus, Chelonipedidae, Chelycarapookus, Chelycarapookus arcuatus, Chelys blakii, Chelytherium, Chelytherium obscurum, Chengyuchelyidae, Chengyuchelys, Chinlechelys, Emys neumayri, Emys paranensis, Heckerochelyidae, Helcura, Kallokibotion, Megasternon, Mesochelydia, Mongolochelyidae, Odontochelyidae, Odontochelys, Palaeochersis, Perichelydia, Platemys sehuensis, Platycheloides, Proganochelys, Proterochersidae, Proterochersis, Protochelys, Siamochelys, Testudines, Testudinites, Testudo elata, Testudo stricklandi, Trachydermochelys, Trachydermochelys phlyctaenus, Tretosternon punctatum, Trionyx mammillaris

Subtaxa: Testudoolithus Tiantaioolithus

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Type: Testudoolithus



• Pliocene of Greece (1 collection)

• Miocene to Pliocene of Greece (1)

• Miocene of Switzerland (3), United States (1: California)

• Cretaceous of China (4), Spain (2), United States (1: New Mexico)

• Jurassic of France (1)

Total: 14 collections each including a single occurrence

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