†family Janassidae Jaekel 1899 (chimaera)

Chondrichthyes - Petalodontiformes - Janassidae

Parent taxon: Petalodontiformes according to M. Ginter et al. 2010

See also Jordan 1963, Lund 1989 and Nelson 2006

Sister taxa: Belantseidae, Paracymatodus, Petalodontidae, Pristodontidae, Serratodus

Subtaxa: Aganacanthus Antacanthus Cholodus Ctenopetalus Cymatodus Dactylodus Fissodus Gamphacanthus Gomphacanthus Janassa Peltodus Petalodopsis Phoderacanthus Platacanthus Pnigeacanthus Pristicladodus Stichacanthus Thoracodus

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Ecology: nektonic carnivore


• Permian of Germany (13 collections), Greenland (1), the Russian Federation (1), the United Kingdom (3), United States (7: Kansas, Texas, Wyoming)

• Pennsylvanian of the United Kingdom (2)

• Carboniferous to Permian of the Russian Federation (1)

• Carboniferous of Japan (1), the United Kingdom (4), United States (7: Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota)

• Mississippian of the United Kingdom (5)

Total: 45 collections including 52 occurrences

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