†order Osteolepiformes Berg 1937 (lobe-finned fish)

Osteichthyes - Osteolepiformes

Parent taxon: Sarcopterygii according to E. B. Daeschler and J. P. Downs 2018

See also Chang and Zhu 1993, Clement et al. 2009 and Dineley and Metcalf 1999

Sister taxa: Achoania, Akinetia, Coelacanthimorpha, Dipnoi, Dipnotetrapodomorpha, Guiyu, Lepidosireniformes, Ligulalepis, Onychodontia, Onychodontiformes, Psarolepis, Rhipidistia, Rhizodontida, Youngolepis

Subtaxa: Marsdenichthys Megalichthyidae Tristichopteridae

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• Pennsylvanian of the United Kingdom (1 collection)

• Westphalian of the United Kingdom (1)

• Carboniferous of Poland (1), the United Kingdom (9)

• Devonian of Belgium (1), Canada (1: Quebec), United States (2: Pennsylvania)

Total: 16 collections each including a single occurrence

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