†family Gnathorhizidae Miles 1977 (lungfish)

Osteichthyes - Dipnoi - Gnathorhizidae

Full reference: R. S. Miles. 1977. Dipnoan (lungfish) skulls and the relationships of the group: a study based on new species from the Devonian of Australia. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 61:1-328

Parent taxon: Dipnoi according to A. Kemp 1993

See also Miles 1977, Schultze 1993 and Schultze 2004

Sister taxa: Adelargo, Amadeodipterus, Apatorhynchus, Arganodontidae, Ballagadus, Cathlorhynchus, Ceratodontidae, Chirodipteroidea, Coccovedus, Ctenodontoidei, Ctenodus, Devonesteus, Devonosteus, Dipnoiformes, Dipnorhynchina, Dipnorhynchoidei, Dipterida, Dipteroidei, Dongshanodus, Ferganoceratodus, Gosfordia, Harajicadipterus, Holodipterida, Limanichthys, Megapleuron, Melanognathus, Nielsenia, Occludus, Persephonichthys, Pinnalongus, Proceratodus, Protoceratodontidae, Ptychoceratodontidae, Rhinodipteridae, Sagenodontidae, Sinodipterus, Sirenoidei, Speonesydrionidae, Speonesydrionina, Speonysedrion, Synthetodus, Tarachomylax, Uranolophina, Uronemoidei, Westollrhynchus, Xylognathus

Subtaxa: Beltanodus Gnathorhiza Namatozodia Palaeophichthys

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• Triassic of Poland (1 collection), the Russian Federation (7)

• Severodvinian of the Russian Federation (2)

• Tatarian of the Russian Federation (1)

• Leonard of United States (5: Oklahoma, Texas)

• Wolfcamp of United States (2: New Mexico)

• Permian of Brazil (1), United States (14: Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas)

• Virgilian of United States (2: Kansas, New Mexico)

• Carboniferous to Permian of United States (1: New Mexico)

• Carboniferous of United States (1: Arizona)

Total: 37 collections including 40 occurrences

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