Family Edaphodontidae (chimaera)

Chondrichthyes - Chimaeriformes - Edaphodontidae

Parent taxon: Chimaeriformes according to A. M. Cvancara and J. W. Hoganson 1993

See also Applegate 1970 and Thurmond and Jones 1981

Sister taxa: Amylodon, Callorhynchidae, Chimaeroidei, Chimeroidei, Crassidonta, Echinochimaeroidei, Icthypriapus, Myracanthiodei, Myriacanthoidei, Squalorajoidei

Subtaxa: Elasmodus

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Ecology: nektobenthic carnivore


• Eocene of the United Kingdom (3 collections)

• Paleocene of United States (2: Maryland, New Jersey)

• Cretaceous of Canada (2: Alberta), the Russian Federation (3), United States (2: Montana, North Dakota)

Total: 12 collections each including a single occurrence

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