Gruipeda Panin and Avram 1962 (bird)


Synonyms: Antarctichnus Covacevich and Lamperein 1970, Charadriipeda Panin and Avram 1962, Trisauropodiscus Ellenberger 1970

Parent taxon: Aves according to R. N. Melchor et al. 2013

See also de Valais and Melchor 2008, Knoll 2005 and Lockley et al. 1992

Sister taxa: Accipitriformes, Aegotheliformes, Archaeornithipus, Archornithes, Avimimiformes, Avipedidae, Barrosopus, Bucerotiformes, Cariamae, Chaoyangornithidae, Charadriiformes, Dolichopterus, Dromiceiidae, Eoaves, Eociconia, Eupterornis remensis, Eurhipidura, Gansuiformes, Gastornithiformes, Gobioolithidae, Ignotornidae, Jeholornis, Jeholornithiformes, Jindongornipodidae, Jixiangornis, Koreanaornipodidae, Kuszholiidae, Liaoxiornithidae, Limiavipedidae, Loncornis, Longipennes, Manu, Metornithes, Micropodiformes, Mirandornithes, Moguiornipes, Musophagiformes, Mystiornithiformes, Odontoglossae, Odontornithes, Omnivoropterygiformes, Pachycorioolithidae, Palaeoaves, Paludicolae, Pangalliformes, Pansphenisciformes, Parvoolithus, Patagonichnornis, Platanavis, Praeornithes, Proherodius, Proherodius oweni, Proornis, Protoaviformes, Protopelargus, Protornis, Psittacopedidae, Pumiliornis, Pygostylia, Qianshanornithidae, Sauriurae, Shandongornipodidae, Shenzhouraptor, Suliformes, Tantalatos, Tantaleus, Tatarornipes, Telmatoformes, Teracus, Tshulia, Uhangrichnus

Subtaxa: Gruipeda dominguensis Gruipeda maxima Gruipeda vegrandiunus Trisauropodiscus aviforma Trisauropodiscus galliforma Trisauropodiscus levis Trisauropodiscus phasianiforma Trisauropodiscus pompompoi Trisauropodiscus superaviforma Trisauropodiscus superavipes

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Type: Gruipeda maxima

Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore


• Eocene of Argentina (5 collections), Spain (1)

• Cretaceous of United States (1: Alaska)

Total: 7 collections each including a single occurrence

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