Subfamily Herpetocetinae Steeman 2007 (whale)

Mammalia - Cetacea - Cetotheriidae

Full reference: M. E. Steeman. 2007. Cladistic analysis and a revised classification of fossil and recent mysticetes. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 150:875-894

Parent taxon: Cetotheriidae according to P. Goldin and D. Startsev 2017

See also Bisconti 2014, Boessenecker 2013, El Adli et al. 2014, Gol'din 2018, Marx et al. 2016, Marx and Fordyce 2015, Marx et al. 2016, Steeman 2007, Steeman 2010, Tanaka et al. 2018, Tarasenko and Lopatin 2012, Whitmore and Barnes 2008 and Whitmore and Kaltenbach 2008

Sister taxa: Cephalotropis, Cetotheriinae, Ciuciulea, Cophocetus, Eucetotherium, Herentalia, Heterocetus, Hibacetus, Imerocetus, Joumocetus, Metopocetus, Neobalaeninae, Palaeobalaena, Piscobalaena, Titanocetus, Tiucetus, Tranatocetus, Vampalus

Subtaxa: Herpetocetus Nannocetus

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Ecology: aquatic carnivore-suspension feeder


• Quaternary of the United Kingdom (1 collection), United States (2: California, South Carolina)

• Pliocene of Belgium (7), Japan (8), United States (26: California, North Carolina)

• Miocene to Pliocene of United States (2: California)

• Miocene of Belgium (1), Japan (3), Mexico (2), the Netherlands (1), United States (7: California)

Total: 60 collections including 63 occurrences

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