Orciano Pisano (Pliocene of Italy)

Where: Italy (43.5° N, 10.5° E: paleocoordinates 43.4° N, 10.4° E)

• coordinate estimated from map

• local area-level geographic resolution

When: MPL4b/MPL5a other zone, Piacenzian (3.6 - 2.6 Ma)

Environment/lithology: open shallow subtidal; blue mudstone

• whale fall
• shelf mudstone

Size class: macrofossils

Preservation: original phosphate

Primary reference: G. Pilleri. 1986. The taxonomic status of Schizodelphis elongatus = Miokogia elongatus (Probst, 1886) (Cetacea, Physeteridae). Investigations on Cetacea 18:155-162 [M. Uhen/M. Uhen/M. Uhen]more details

Purpose of describing collection: general faunal/floral analysis

PaleoDB collection 47428: authorized by Mark Uhen, entered by Mark Uhen on 24.02.2005

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

  - Siboglinidae
Osedax sp.7 Rouse et al. 2004
 Lophiiformes - Lophiidae
Lophius piscatorius12 Linnaeus 1758 anglerfish
 Testudines - Cheloniidae
Cheloniidae indet.5 Bonaparte 1832 sea turtle
 Charadriiformes - Alcidae
"Uria ausonia n. sp." = Alca ausonia11
"Uria ausonia n. sp." = Alca ausonia11 Portis 1887 auk
 Falconiformes - Falconidae
Falco pisanus n. sp.11
Falco pisanus n. sp.11 Portis 1887 falcon
 Podicipediformes - Podicipedidae
"Fulica pisana n. sp." = Podiceps auritus11
"Fulica pisana n. sp." = Podiceps auritus11 Linnaeus 1758 horned grebe
 Anseriformes - Anatidae
Fuligula arctina n. sp.11 Portis 1887 waterfowl
 Sirenia - Dugongidae
 Carnivora - Phocidae
Pristiphoca ? occitana8 Gervais and de Serres 1847 seal
 Cetacea - Balaenopteridae
? Balaenoptera sp.10 Lacépède 1804 rorqual
Cetotheriophanes cf. capellinii6 Brandt 1873 rorqual
 Cetacea - Balaenidae
? Balaenidae indet.10 Gray 1821 right whale
Balaenula sp.6 Van Beneden 1872 right whale
WFi4-5, WFi4-9
Balaenula balaenopsis2 Van Beneden 1872 right whale
Balaenotus sp.10 Van Beneden 1872 right whale
Balaenotus orcianensis n. sp.10 Pilleri 1987 right whale
Balaenotus insignis10 Van Beneden 1872 right whale
Balaenotus cf. insignis10 Van Beneden 1872 right whale
Balaena sp.10 Linnaeus 1758 bowhead whale
"Balaenula montalionis" = Balaena montalionis10 Capellini 1904 bowhead whale
 Cetacea - Tranatocetidae
Mesocetus sp.10 Van Beneden 1880 whale
 Cetacea -
Odontoceti indet.10 Flower 1867 toothed whale
Odontoceti indet.14 Flower 1867 toothed whale
 Cetacea - Kogiidae
Kogia sp.3, "Kogia cf. simus" = Kogia sima9, Kogia cf. breviceps9
Kogia sp.3 Gray 1846 pygmy sperm whale
"Kogia cf. simus" = Kogia sima9 Owen 1866 dwarf sperm whale
Kogia cf. breviceps9 Blainville 1838 pygmy sperm whale
 Cetacea - Delphinidae
Delphinidae indet.10, Steno sp.13, Hemisyntrachelus sp.6, "Hemisyntrachelus pisanus n. sp." = Hemisyntrachelus cortesii1, "Stenella giulii" = Etruridelphis giulii2, "Steno bellardii" = Etruridelphis giulii10, Tursiops sp.13, "Delphinus brocchii" = Tursiops brochii8
Delphinidae indet.10 Gray 1821 dolphin
Steno sp.13 Gray 1846 dolphin
Hemisyntrachelus sp.6 Brandt 1873 dolphin
"Hemisyntrachelus pisanus n. sp." = Hemisyntrachelus cortesii1 Fischer 1829 dolphin
[entered as Tursiops cortesi by ref 13332]
"Stenella giulii" = Etruridelphis giulii2 Lawley 1876 dolphin
"Steno bellardii" = Etruridelphis giulii10 Lawley 1876 dolphin
Tursiops sp.13 Gervais 1855 dolphin
"Delphinus brocchii" = Tursiops brochii8 Balsamo Crivelli 1842 dolphin
 Cetacea - Ziphiidae
Ziphiidae indet.7, "? Mesoplodon sp." = Mesoplodon4, "Dioplodon meneghini n. sp." = Mesoplodon8, "Dioplodon medilineatus" = Mesoplodon medilineatus4
Ziphiidae indet.7 Gray 1850 beaked whale
"? Mesoplodon sp." = Mesoplodon4 Gervais 1850 beaked whale
"Dioplodon meneghini n. sp." = Mesoplodon8 beaked whale
"Dioplodon medilineatus" = Mesoplodon medilineatus4 Owen 1870 beaked whale