Fales Rocks 1 (Cretaceous of the United States)

Also known as UW V-81006; UCMP V-81101

Where: Natrona County, Wyoming (42.9° N, 107.3° W: paleocoordinates 49.7° N, 75.8° W)

• coordinate stated in text

• small collection-level geographic resolution

When: Mesaverde Formation, Judithian (83.5 - 70.6 Ma)

• now dated to upper middle Campanian

• group of beds-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: "channel"; lithified, ferruginous, pebbly conglomerate and yellow, argillaceous sandstone

• "yellowish to golden channel sandstone...richest fossil-bearing level is within a basal ironstone-cemented pebble conglomerate and throughout the overlying 2 m of more friable, yellowish sanstone. Fossils are seen both as isolated occurrences in massively cross-bedded sandstones and within concentrations of clay-gall stringers along thin bedding planes."

Size class: mesofossils

Collected by J. Hutchison, M. Greenwald, J. Lillegraven, D. DeMar, B. Breithaupt in 1976, 1981-1983, 2005-2006; reposited in the UCMP

Collection methods: bulk, sieve,

Primary reference: J. A. Lillegraven and M. C. McKenna. 1986. Fossil mammals from the "Mesaverde" Formation (Late Cretaceous, Judithian) of the Bighorn and Wind River basins, Wyoming, with definitions of Late Cretaceous North American Land-Mammal "Ages". American Museum Novitates 2840:1-68 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy/J. Alroy]more details

Purpose of describing collection: general faunal/floral analysis

PaleoDB collection 14458: authorized by John Alroy, entered by John Alroy on 30.04.1994, edited by Matthew Carrano and Patricia Holroyd

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

• exactly the same level as Barwin QuarryNISP 45 (based on catalog numbers)
 Hybodontiformes - Hybodontidae
Hybodus sp.2 Agassiz 1837 elasmobranch
Hybodus montanensis2 Case 1978 elasmobranch
 Hybodontiformes - Lonchidiidae
Lonchidion selachos2 Estes 1964 elasmobranch
 Myliobatiformes - Dasyatidae
Myledaphus bipartitus2 Cope 1876 whiptail stingray
 Orectolobiformes - Orectolobidae
Squatirhina americana2 Estes 1964 wobbegong
 Acipenseriformes - Polyodontidae
Polyodontidae indet.3 Bonaparte 1838 paddlefish
 Teleostei - Aspidorhynchidae
 Albuliformes - Albulidae
Coriops amnicolus3 Estes 1969 bonefish
 Pycnodontiformes - Pycnodontidae
Pycnodontidae indet.2 Agassiz 1835
 Amiiformes - Amiidae
Melvius sp.3 Bryant 1987 bowfin
Amiinae indet.3 Bonaparte 1837 bowfin
 Lepisosteiformes - Lepisosteidae
Lepisosteus sp.2 Agassiz 1843 gar
Lepisosteus occidentalis2 Leidy 1856 gar
 Salientia -
Anura indeterminate4 frog
"morph 1" and "unstudied collections of AMNH FARB, UCMP, and UW"
 Salientia - Pelobatidae
cf. Eopelobates sp.3 Parker 1929 spadefoot toad
 Salientia -
Scotiophryne pustulosa4 Estes 1969 frog
 Proteida - Batrachosauroididae
Prodesmodon copei2 Estes 1964 salamander
 Caudata - Urodela
Habrosaurus dilatus2 Gilmore 1928 siren
Scapherpeton tectum2 Cope 1876 salamander
Lisserpeton bairdi3 Estes 1965 salamander
 Testudines -
Testudines indet.3 Batsch 1788 turtle
 Testudines - Toxochelyidae
Lophochelys sp.3 Zangerl 1953 sea turtle
 Testudines - Baenidae
Boremys sp.3 Lambe 1906 turtle
 Testudines - Nanhsiungchelyidae
Basilemys sp.3 Hay 1902 turtle
 Testudines - Pantrionychidae
Aspideretoides cf. foveatus3 Leidy 1856 turtle
 Testudines - Panchelydridae
 Avetheropoda - Dromaeosauridae
Richardoestesia isosceles3 Sankey 2001 coelurosaur
Saurornitholestes sp.3 Sues 1978 coelurosaur
 Avetheropoda -
Paronychodon lacustris3 Cope 1876 coelurosaur
 Avetheropoda - Tyrannosauridae
Tyrannosauridae indet.3 Osborn 1906 tyrannosaurid
Daspletosaurus sp.3 Russell 1970 tyrannosaurine
 Ornithischia - Ankylosauridae
Ankylosauridae indet.3 Brown 1908 ornithischian
 Neornithischia - Ceratopsidae
Ceratopsidae indet.3 Marsh 1888 ceratopsid
two morphotypes
 Neornithischia - Hadrosauridae
Hadrosaurinae indet.3 Lambe 1918 hadrosaurine
Lambeosaurinae indet.3 Parks 1923 lambeosaurine
 Crocodylia - Alligatoridae
Alligatorinae indet.3 Cuvier 1807 crocodilian
 Crocodylia -
Brachychampsa montana2 Gilmore 1911 crocodilian
 Squamata - Chamopsiidae
Leptochamops thrinax3 Gao and Fox 1991 lizard
 Choristodera -
Champsosaurus natator2 Parks 1933 choristodere
Mammalia indet.2 Linnaeus 1758 mammal
 Leptictida - Gypsonictopidae
Gypsonictops lewisi Sahni 1972 eutherian
 Theriiformes -
Theria indet.2 Parker and Haswell 1897 mammal
Protalphadon lulli1 Clemens 1966 metatherian
 Theriiformes - Marsupialia
 Didelphimorphia - Alphadontidae
Alphadon halleyi Sahni 1972 marsupial
includes "A. sahnii" type
Turgidodon russelli1 Fox 1979 marsupial
 Multituberculata - Cimolomyidae
Cimolomys clarki Sahni 1972 multituberculate
 Multituberculata - Neoplagiaulacidae
Mesodma sp. Jepsen 1940 multituberculate
Mesodma primaeva Lambe 1902 multituberculate
 Multituberculata - Cimolodontidae
Cimolodon sp.2 Marsh 1889 multituberculate