Carroll Rim: Whitneyan, Oregon

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Mammalia - Rodentia - Eutypomyidae
Eutypomyidae indet. Miller and Gidley 1918
said to be new
Mammalia - Perissodactyla - Rhinocerotidae
Diceratherium sp. Marsh 1875
    = Diceratherium annectens Marsh 1873
Prothero 2005
including the type of D. cuspidatum?
Mammalia - Perissodactyla - Equidae
Miohippus sp. Marsh 1874
Mammalia - Ungulata - Agriochoeridae
Agriochoerus sp. Leidy 1850
Mammalia - Ungulata - Hypertragulidae
Hypertragulus sp. Cope 1874
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Country:United States State/province:Oregon County:Wheeler
Coordinates: 44.9° North, 120.2° West (view map)
Paleocoordinates:44.7° North, 109.1° West
Basis of coordinate:based on political unit
Geographic resolution:small collection
Period:Paleogene Epoch:Oligocene
Stage:Rupelian 10 m.y. bin:Cenozoic 4
*Period:Tertiary *Local age/stage:Late/Upper Whitneyan
Key time interval:Whitneyan
Age range of interval:33.30000 - 30.80000 m.y. ago
* legacy (obsolete) database fields
Formation:John Day Member:lower Turtle Cove
Stratigraphy comments: said to be late Whitneyan
Lithology and environment
Environment:terrestrial indet.
Modes of preservation:body
Collection methods and comments
Taxonomic list comments:"14 m below the sanidine tuff of the western facies member G" dated at 29.8 Ma (SCLF AA); this is NOT the same as Member G of the standard Turtle Cove section
Also known as:JDNM-24
Database number:17313
Authorizer:J. Alroy, J. Marcot Enterer:J. Alroy, J. Marcot
Research group:vertebrate
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Primary reference:

1547. T. Fremd. 1994. John Day Basin paleontology field trip guide and road log: Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. John Day Fossil Beds National Monument 94-1 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy/M. Uhen]

Secondary references:

51726 D. R. Prothero. 2005. The Evolution of North American Rhinoceroses. 1-218 [J. Marcot/J. Marcot]