Dickinson Member (Savanna): Orellan, North Dakota

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Taxonomic list
Reptilia - Testudines - Trionychidae
Apalone leucopotamica (Cope 1891)
Vitek and Joyce 2015
original and current combination Trionyx leucopotamicus
Mammalia - Leptictidae
Leptictis dakotensis (Leidy 1868)
Mammalia - Rodentia - Cricetidae
Eumys elegans Leidy 1856
Mammalia - Rodentia - Ischyromyidae
Ischyromys typus Leidy 1856
Mammalia - Lagomorpha - Leporidae
Palaeolagus haydeni Leidy 1856
Megalagus sp. Walker 1931
Mammalia - Carnivora - Amphicyonidae
Daphoenus sp. Leidy 1853
Mammalia - Carnivora - Canidae
Hesperocyon sp. Scott 1890
Mammalia - Carnivora - Nimravidae
Dinictis sp. (Leidy 1854)
Mammalia - Ungulata - Camelidae
Poebrotherium sp. Leidy 1847
probably P. wilsoni of Honey et al. 1998 from Stark Co.
Mammalia - Ungulata - Leptomerycidae
Leptomeryx evansi Leidy 1853
may include Fitterer Ranch material of Heaton and Emry 1996
Quinetia frigidaria n. sp. Czaplewski et al. 2019
Czaplewski et al. 2019
see common names

Country:United States State/province:North Dakota County:Stark
Coordinates: 46.9° North, 102.8° West (view map)
Paleocoordinates:48.0° North, 94.2° West
Basis of coordinate:based on political unit
Period:Paleogene Epoch:Oligocene
Stage:Rupelian 10 m.y. bin:Cenozoic 4
Key time interval:Orellan
Age range of interval:33.90000 - 33.30000 m.y. ago
* legacy (obsolete) database fields
Stratigraphic resolution:member
Lithology and environment
Environment:terrestrial indet.
Modes of preservation:body
Collection methods and comments
Taxonomic list comments:does not include Fitterer Bed Quarry (see)
probably includes most or all of Little Bad Lands list of Douglass 1909b and other Little Badlands records
H & L list several new records of unclear provenance
the following Orellan records from Hoganson and Lammers 1985 are of unclear status: cf. "Protosciurus" sp. cf. Paradjidaumo sp. cf. Heliscomys sp. Caenopus sp. cf. Hyracodon sp.
Orellan taxa listed by Kihm and Lammers 1986: ? Cedromus sp. ? Hoplophoneus sp. ? Eusmilus sp. ? Amphicyonidae indet. "Diceratherium" tridactylum Entelodontidae indet. ("Entelodon sp.") ? Hypertragulus sp. multiple oreodonts of Schultz and Falkenbach, e.g.
Orellan taxa listed by Lammers and Hoganson 1988: Hyaenodon crucians Hyaenodon horridus
supposed Whitneyan fauna of Kihm and Lammers 1986 is of unstated provenance and may correspond to "Upper White River" fauna of Douglass 1909b including rhinos, oreodonts, and "Mesohippus" Eumys brachyodus Kihm 1990 is from Schmidt Ranch, of uncertain stratigraphic relation to the other Stark Co. localities Palaeocastor nebrascensis Xu 1996: "AMNH Loc. 5 of Hough, Stark Co." "Brontotheriid" of Lammers and Hoganson from "Little Bad Lands" is of uncertain stratigraphic provenance
"Fitterer Ranch" no further data: Parictis sp. Hunt 1998a: "Fitterer Ranch, SW of Dickinson"
"Adjidaumo douglassi" - see Korth and Bailey 1992
Also known as:Obritsch Ranch; Fitterer Ranch
Database number:17100
Authorizer:J. Alroy, C. Boyd, P. Mannion Enterer:J. Alroy, P. Mannion, J. Person
Research group:vertebrate
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Access level:the public Released:1993-09-27 00:00:00
Creative Commons license:CC BY
Reference information

Primary reference:

1923. J. W. Hoganson and G. E. Lammers. 1992. Vertebrate fossil record, age, and paleoenvironmental setting of the Brule Formation (Oligocene) in North Dakota. Proceedings of the F. D. Holland, Jr., Geological Symposium 243-255 [J. Alroy/J. Alroy/J. Marcot]

Secondary references:

71276 N. J. Czaplewski, J. Person, C. Boyd and R. J. Emry. 2019. A new species of bat (Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) from the early Oligocene global cooling period, Brule Formation, North Dakota, USA. Palaeo Vertebrata 42(2) [C. Boyd/J. Person]
63467 N. S. Vitek and W. G. Joyce. 2015. A Review of the Fossil Record of New World Turtles of the Clade Pan-Trionychidae. Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural History 56(2):185-244 [P. Mannion/P. Mannion]